University of Minnesota  Administrative Policy

Providing In-progress Notifications on Academic Performance: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester

Policy Statement

  1. Instructors are required to provide in-progress notifications for all 1-XXX courses to students who, on the basis of performance to date in the course, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N. Such notification will be provided to students within a timeframe to allow them to improve their academic performance or to withdraw by the withdrawal deadline. In-progress notifications will not be recorded on transcripts.
    1. Crookston campus only: Instructors are required to provide in-progress notifications for every student in all 1-XXX & 2-XXX courses for A, B, C, D, F, S, N grades, utilizing the PeopleSoft system in MyU. Such notification will be provided no later than the seventh week of class, and earlier if possible, to allow students to improve their classroom performance or to withdraw by the eighth week. Mid-term grades will not be recorded on transcripts.
  2. Instructors are encouraged to provide in-progress notifications for all courses and all students.
  3. The provision of in-progress notifications is a courtesy to the student. Failure to receive an in-progress notification or a decline in a student's academic performance after a notification has been issued does not create the right for a student to contest a grade in a course.


This policy is not applicable to the Duluth campus.

Reason for Policy

Studies of student learning underscore the importance of frequent and timely feedback as an important contribution to success in student learning. Past experience shows that for students in academic difficulty, a timely notification about performance can result in appropriate corrective action. In-progress notifications also help advisers develop strategies for academic success with their advisees.




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can instructors in classes other than 1xxx issue in-progress notifications?

    Yes, any instructor teaching any level course has the ability to send in-progress notifications.

  2. How do instructors issue an in-progress notification?

    In-progress notifications are accessed via the Faculty Center. Each course will have a midterm grade roster (PeopleSoft terminology) available in the grading tab in Faculty Center.


Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Contact(s) Carin Thoms  612-626-0075 [email protected]
Twin Cities Campus Carin Thoms 612-626-0075 [email protected]
Crookston Campus Jason Tangquist 218-281-8424 [email protected]
Morris Campus Peh Ng 320-589-6015 [email protected]
Rochester Campus Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain 507-258-8006 [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Responsible Officer Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
  • Carin Thoms
    Associate Director, Continuity & Compliance - Academic Support Resources


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Academic Unit
Ensure that course level, registration and eligibility criteria for these courses are communicated.

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June 2018 - Added Crookston provision (1a) to Policy Statement.
February 2015 - Comprehensive Review. Minor Revision. Added Responsibility. Title change.
December 2009 - Policy now applies to Crookston.
April 2009