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Credit Requirements for Master's and Doctoral Degrees


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  1. Can graduate programs determine that it is not appropriate for their doctoral students to take thesis credits prior to passing the preliminary oral examination?

    Yes. Graduate programs may choose not to allow their students to take thesis credits prior to passing the preliminary oral examination.

  2. Can graduate programs that choose to allow their doctoral students this option determine on a case-by-case basis when it is appropriate for individual students to take thesis credits?

    Yes. Graduate programs are expected to  apply fair and consistent standards and ensure appropriate consultation with the doctoral student’s advisor and director of graduate studies  before allowing students to enroll early for  thesis credits.

  3. My graduate program would like to issue permission numbers for doctoral students who have not yet passed the preliminary oral examination but who are ready to begin their research and register for xxxx8888 (doctoral thesis credits). Can we issue permission numbers for this purpose?

    No.  Permission numbers are not allowed for early xxxx8888 thesis credit registration; rather, the graduate program assigns an “Early Thesis Credit Registration” (ETCR) student group to the student record of each student who meets the graduate program’s eligibility criteria. 

  4. My major program is in CEHD. Am I required to register for thesis credits in CEHD?

    Yes. Students must register for thesis credits that correspond to their collegiate unit AND their major program.

  5. Can I take more than the maximum number of xxxx8888 credits as required and specified by my graduate program?

    Yes, individual students, under certain circumstances, may benefit from taking more than the maximum number of required credits in order to gain the necessary knowledge to prepare them for more advanced courses and/or to support their research and scholarly work.

  6. Can graduate programs require pre-thesis credits (8666)?

    Yes, graduate programs can  require pre-thesis credits (8666); however, those credits will not  be counted toward fulfilling the course credit or doctoral thesis credit requirements.