University of Minnesota  Administrative Policy

Faculty Responsibility in Undergraduate Advising on the Curriculum: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester

Policy Statement

The faculty in each unit are responsible for ensuring that there is an effective advising process. The faculty of every unit will collectively determine the mechanisms by which faculty members will be involved in advising students and will periodically review the effectiveness of that process. In some units faculty may choose to be directly involved in advising or may share that responsibility with appropriately trained academic professionals, graduate students, or peers. The faculty of each unit must assist in and cooperate with the advising process as appropriate and are responsible for providing timely information about the curriculum and student performance to advisers. The faculty should encourage students to take advantage of opportunities provided by the advising process to broaden, intensify, and integrate their educational experience.


This policy is not applicable to the Duluth campus.

Reason for Policy

Advising is an important component of the educational enterprise, and expectations for faculty and students regarding advising should be clearly outlined.




Frequently Asked Questions


Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Contact(s) Jessica Kuecker Grotjohn 612-624-1328 [email protected]
Twin Cities Campus Jessica Kuecker Grotjohn 612-624-1328 [email protected]
Crookston Campus Jason Tangquist 218-281-8424 [email protected]
Morris Campus Peh Ng 320-589-6015 [email protected]
Rochester Campus Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain 507-258-8006 [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Responsible Officer Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
  • Jessica Kuecker Grotjohn


The set of courses offered by a unit


There are no specified responsibilities associated with this policy.

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December 2009 - Policy now applies to Crookston.
April 2009