Required Conditions and Best Practices for Remote Participation in Graduate Examinations

I. Required Conditions

The following conditions must be met in order to allow remote participation (e.g., telephone conference call, video call, etc.) by graduate examination committee members and/or the student in the master's final oral examination, the doctoral preliminary oral examination, or the doctoral final oral examination. The chair of the examining committee is responsible for guaranteeing that all of the conditions outlined below have been satisfied.

  • If the student requests to participate remotely, all members of the examining committee must agree in advance to allow the remote participation of the student.
  • All participants must be able to communicate with each other at all times during the examination.
  • Accessible versions of all materials must be available to all examination participants.
  • Provisions must be made for independent balloting during the initial vote by examiners.
  • Provisions must be made for signing the examination report form.
  • For doctoral final oral examinations, arrangements must be made for a public presentation, including opportunities for questions from the audience.
  • The chair of the examining committee must recess the examination immediately if any technical problems unduly interfere with the proceedings.
  • All participants must be notified ahead of time of the options for recessing the examination.
  • The chair of the examining committee must guarantee that all the above conditions are satisfied.

II. Best Practices

The following are guidelines for managing remote participation in ways that will ensure fair and correct procedures in doctoral and master's oral examinations.

  • The student is physically present for the examination.
  • No more than one committee member participates remotely in the examination.
  • The student should file a written request to participate remotely in the examination with the chair of the examining committee. The request should be filed at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled exam.
  • Any examining committee member who needs to participate remotely should inform both the committee chair and the student at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled exam.

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