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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

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The University promotes community-building activities for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors, and recognizes that tailgating has the potential to enhance athletic event experiences within a safe, responsible, and controlled environment.

Tailgating is permitted on game days in designated areas, during specified hours, and under the conditions specified in the Tailgating Rules.


The University of Minnesota Crookston allows tailgating activities in designated areas on game days. Campus officials will check identification for all parties consuming alcohol. Permitted tailgating areas (e.g., Teambackers-hosted tailgating) are indicated by signage. Commercial food and beverage vendors are allowed on campus by permit only.


Tailgating is restricted to the following times:

  • Tailgating may begin three (3) hours before game time.
  • Tailgating must end no later than thirty (30) minutes after the completion of the game.

Activities and Equipment

The following items and activities are allowed in and near the tailgate:

  • Gas grills with a maximum propane tank of 20 pounds
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal drinking age, and in conformance with all applicable state laws, city ordinances, and University policies
  • Beer or wine only
  • Portable outdoor furniture
  • Tents and awnings that do not require the use of stakes or block adjacent spaces or driving aisle

All tailgating supplies must be properly disposed of, recycled or stored in a vehicle after the event.

The following items and activities ARE NOT ALLOWED:

  • Smoking, tobacco products, or e-cigarettes
  • Open fires
  • Kegs, party balls, drinking game accessories, or large quantity or common source containers of alcoholic beverages
  • Glass containers of any kind, including bottles and cups
  • Sale of products, food or beverage, except by permit
  • Occupying more than one parking space
  • Obstructing adjacent parking spaces and driving aisles
  • Loud music, except when live music is approved by the University
  • Oversized vehicles such as RVs or buses during tailgate activities
  • Parking in spaces with safety cones or moving safety cones