Cost Sharing
The terms "cost sharing," "matching," and "in-kind" refer to that portion of the total project costs not borne by the sponsor. The University generally refers to cost sharing as labor costs.
Course Credits
Course credits may include directed studies, lab rotations, internships, practica, and colloquia.
Covered Entity
A health plan, health care clearinghouse, or a health care provider who transmits health information in electronic form in connection with a covered transaction.
Covered Individual
Includes the following: (a) faculty and staff; (b) individuals with responsibility for the design, conduct, or reporting of University research; and other individuals authorized to act on behalf of the University to fulfill its research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and public service missions.
Covered Servicemember
A current member of or member on temporary disability retired list of the Armed Forces, including the Regular Armed Forces, the National Guard, or Reserves, who has a serious injury or illness incurred or aggravated in the line of duty on active duty for which s/he is undergoing medical treatment, recuperation, therapy, or otherwise in outpatient status. This term also includes any veteran so long as s/he was a member of the Armed Forces at any time during the period of five years preceding the date on which s/he undergoes medical treatment, recuperation, or therapy.
Credit Balance
A balance due to a customer as a result of returned goods previously paid for by the customer, or the granting of later credits and allowance for various reasons such as unsatisfactory performance. These balances represent obligations of the University that will have to be satisfied either by cash payments or providing a replacement good/service.
Credit History Examination
A review of the selected applicant’s or employee’s detailed credit information and summary. (Federal laws prohibit discrimination against an applicant or employee as a result of bankruptcy.)
Credit Worthy
An internal designation by the University after evaluating the payment history of an individual customer.
Criminal Background Check
A review of state and federal criminal databases to determine whether an individual has a criminal history in any jurisdiction where the individual currently resides or has resided.
Critical Employees
An employee who has been designated as essential to the operations of the University, whose presence is required regardless of the existence of an emergency condition, and whose absence from duty could endanger the safety and well-being of the campus population and/or physical plant. Employees may be designated as critical on a situational basis, e.g., in the event of an emergency. Those employees deemed "Critical Employees” will be notified of such designation by their supervisor. Critical employees are required to report to work in the event of a closing unless specifically informed by their supervisor that they are not to report.
Critical Operating Units
Operating units with mission essential functions that enable the University to:
  • Provide for public safety
  • Continue to provide essential services
  • Provide essential services or functions that must be continued in all circumstances, including functions that cannot be interrupted for 12 hours or must be resumed within 30 days
Critical Server
A critical server is important to accomplishing the University/collegiate unit/business unit mission or one which stores legally private or other important non-public data.
Current Operating Costs
The essential expenses that an organization or department must pay in order to maintain a business, such as: salaries and wages, employee related expenses, operations and travel.
Currently-enrolled undergraduate degree-seeking students
Students who have been admitted to a University of Minnesota undergraduate degree program and who have matriculated.
The set of courses offered by a unit.
Customer (Non-University)
An individual or other entity that makes a payment to the University for goods or services.
Information collected, stored, transferred or reported for any purpose, whether in computers or in manual files.
Data Custodian
Representatives of the University who are assigned responsibility to serve as a steward of University data in a particular area. They are responsible for developing procedures for creating, maintaining, and using University data, based on University policy and applicable state and federal laws.
Data Owner
Individuals, who in the course of carrying out the University's official business, serve as stewards of data in alighnment with their function at the institution. This role is responsible for the accuracy of institutional data that they manage.
Data Warehouse
A collection of official University databases which hold data from transactions systems and other databases, for the purpose of reporting and queries.
A system which holds a collection of organized and labeled data. Databases usually contain information about a certain subject.
De minimus Fringe Benefit
For tax purposes, a de minimis fringe benefit qualifying for tax-free treatment is a benefit that is so small as to make accounting for it unreasonable or administratively impracticable. Both the frequency and value of the benefit must be considered; the benefit must be occasional or unusual in frequency and the value must be less than $100.  A qualifying de minimis fringe benefit must be either property or a service and cannot be cash or a cash equivalent. A gift card or gift certificate that is considered to be a cash equivalent item is never excludable from income as a de minimis fringe benefit.
De-identified Data
Data that does not identify an individual and reasonably cannot be used to identify an individual.
DEA Registrant
A University employee delegated by his/her department head to hold DEA registration and is responsible for ordering, storing, using and disposing of controlled substances in his/her Unit.
Dean or Equivalent Officer
The Dean of the department, department chair or Resource Responsibility Center Manager (Twin Cities Campus) or Chancellor (Coordinate Campus).