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Open Access to Scholarly Articles: Archiving or Waiving


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Self-Archiving Options

Authors affected by the policy may take action individually to make their work available to the public via the University Digital Conservancy or other non-profit open-access repositories. Examples of non-profit open-access repositories that would qualify under this policy include, but are not limited to:, PubMedCentral.

However, authors affected by the policy are not required to take individual action to make their works available in a non-profit open-access repository. They may alternatively take advantage of the active support services provided by the University Libraries.

Automated Archiving Procedures

The University Libraries, at the direction of the Provost's Office, will provide active support services such as identification of eligible articles and communications with Faculty members about their options for achieving public access via the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy or other non-profit open-access repositories. This process will include communication with authors, including multiple opportunities for authors to choose not to share their works or to request an automatic waiver of the University's license.

Waiver Procedures

Any affected author may opt-out of the requirements of the Administrative Policy: Open Access to Scholarly Articles for a particular article at any time, for any reason, using the Open Access Waiver Request form.