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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Handling Program Income at Project Closeout

Administrative Procedure

Federal sponsors:

Federal regulations require the University to expend program income funds before sponsor funds. If funds remain in the project or program income account after the project has expired, project balances will revert to the sponsor. If the principal investigator anticipates a balance prior to expiration and wants to retain these funds, they should consult with the Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) GA. The request must be made before the funds are used.

Nonfederal sponsors:

To be consistent in managing program income, the University extends the requirements to all nonfederal sponsors where it is reportable.

Handling project-related income generated after project expiration:

If the principal investigator expects to generate income after the project has expired, they must complete the Internal/External Sales Activity Form for all new activity and follow the instructions in Administrative Policy: Selling Goods and Services to External Customers.

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