Purchasing, Receiving and Storing Controlled Substances

Employees who work with controlled substances for research must review the following websites and complete the online tutorial: Using Controlled Substances for Research. After taking the tutorial, the record will be posted in the employee's online training record.

Registration Structure

  • The department or Unit head must appoint a DEA Registrant for each Department, College, or Unit.
  • The Unit Registrant must obtain a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration for each University building address where controlled substances will be stored.
  • DEA prefers that each Unit obtain only one registration for each building where controlled substances are stored.

DEA registration for the Unit Registrant

For use of controlled substances in research, complete DEA Form 225. For use of controlled substances in teaching, complete DEA Form 224.Instructions for completing DEA applications and a link to the DEA application website are located on the UHS Department of Environmental Health and Safety website. Contact UHS at [email protected] if you need further assistance with the DEA registration process.


UHS encourages the purchase of controlled substances from Boynton Health Service Pharmacy or the Veterinary Medical Center Pharmacy. DEA Form 222 is required to purchase Schedule I and Schedule II drugs. If using these scheduled drugs request Form 222 when applying for a DEA registration. When the DEA Registrant is unavailable, a Power of Attorney may be used to order controlled substances and execute DEA order forms. Power of Attorney may be granted by DEA Registrants to the department head or senior administrator using a copy of the DEA form available on the UHS-DEHS controlled substances website. The Power of Attorney form must be attached to each order form and is only assigned for a specific period of time.


When picking up controlled substances from the on-campus pharmacies or when receiving in the mail, the DEA Registrant or Authorized User must verify the contents and rectify any discrepancies. Sign and date the purchase receipt and file it with the controlled substances records. Provide a copy of the receipt to the DEA Registrant.


If controlled substances are removed from their original packaging and compounded, diluted or combined, each new container must be labeled and tracked. The label must include: the name of the controlled substances, the schedule of the drug, the lot number, the final concentration, the amount per container and the expiration date (not more than 30 days after dilution date).  Forms for recording this information are available on the UHS-DEHS website.

Storing and Securing

Controlled substances must be stored in a safe separate from other drugs or materials. The safe must be bolted to an immovable object.  Facilities Management personnel should perform this function. Safe access is limited to those people who will be using controlled substances for teaching or research. Their names and initials must be listed on the Authorized Users Signature Log that must be updated every time there is a change in personnel. This form is available on the UHS-DEHS website.

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