Administrative Policy News for March 2018

Parental Leave

Expanded Coverage for Parental Leave

Through paid and unpaid leaves, flexible work arrangements, wellness programs and initiatives, the University is committed to supporting employees’ wellbeing and providing options to manage work and personal life responsibilities.

Guided by principles contained in the Board of Regents policy: Employee Work-Life and Personal Leaves, members of the University community, including governance groups and student groups, have reviewed the parental leave policy and passed resolutions that would provide greater support and equity for all families.

These policy changes include:

  • 6 weeks paid leave for both parents who meet eligibility requirements*,
  • expanded coverage to include gestational surrogacy, in addition to birth and adoption, and
  • removal of the nine-month employee eligibility requirement.

* Eligible employees work at least fifty percent time, including graduate students on fellowship and graduate students employed by the University.

The new administrative policy, Parental Leave for Employees is now up for review and your comments are welcome.

Postdoctoral Appointments

Postdoctoral Appointments

Postdoctoral fellows may be eligible for a new benefit - parental leave (see above for new policy language). Not previously provided to this appointment classification, a revision has been made to the administrative policy, Postdoctoral Appointments, and is now up for review and your comments are welcome.

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