Administrative Policy News for October 2019

The University is committed to an inclusive policy-making process. This quarterly communication highlights new or significantly revised administrative policies recently posted for the campus community to offer feedback. Your comments and suggestions are invited through the dates specified by each policy. Following the review period, all feedback will be forwarded to the policy owner who will then consider any revisions to the final policy.

Outside Consulting and Other Commitments

University employees have the opportunity to engage in commitments with external entities if those commitments do not present a conflict of commitment, and the appropriate approvals have been obtained where required. These commitments can be positive contributors to fulfilling University responsibilities.

In this newest proposed version of the policy, the following key changes have been made.

  • A new section has been added that addresses the maximum number of days for faculty and Professional Academic and Administrative (P&A) employees with summer appointments. While the treatment of these types of engagements has not changed, it was not specifically addressed in the prior policy version.
  • Individuals are expected to disclose the nature of a consulting relationship if the individual qualified for authorship of a resulting research publication during the course of the outside professional commitment. This is a new requirement.
  • There are restrictions for individuals in the Athletics Department who conduct summer camps and clinics. These limitations were previous listed in a separate procedure and have now been moved into the policy.

Comment on the Administrative Policy: Outside Consulting and Other Commitments before November 4, 2019

Equity and Access: Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Names and Pronouns

Board of Regents Policy: Code of Conduct has, as one of its ten guiding principles, the expectation that community members will be respectful, fair, and civil, and avoid all forms of harassment, illegal discrimination, threats, or violence. Providing equal access and opportunity to individuals of all gender identities and gender expressions is a commitment set forth in another Board of Regents Policy: Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

The new administrative policy aligns with those commitments to non-discriminatory programs, activities, and facilities, and promotes a respectful University community free from discrimination based on gender identity or expression. The policy addresses the following.

  • Name, gender identity, and pronouns – addresses the use of a specified name, gender identity, pronoun and other gendered personal references used to refer to an individual.
  • Privacy – specifies who should have access to pronouns, gender identify, and legal sex of a student maintained in University records and the need to maintain the privacy of this information.
  • Data collection – covers the need to specify at time of collection the reason for the information collection and how it will be used. Disclosures are only required when it’s legally mandated or when there is a legitimate University-related reason for the request.
  • Programs, activities, and facilities – provides specifics around accessing University housing, restrooms, locker rooms, camp programs and recreation services and activities. This includes accessing gender-specific facilities that correspond with an individual’s gender identity.

The associated Frequently Asked Questions answers many of the questions that have been asked by University community members and provides transparency around the University’s approach in this area.

Your feedback is encouraged on the Administrative Policy: Equity and Access: Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Names and Pronouns under review.

Campus and Building Closing

Let’s face it. We live in Minnesota and inclement weather in the winter is a given. Whether or not it’s severe enough to close a campus, reduce operations, or cancel classes is a decision that’s not taken lightly. And weather is not the only reason to take one of these measures. Any situation that poses a serious risk to the health, safety, or security of the University community, research animals or other mission critical assets could trigger a change in operations.

The revised version of this policy now covers all campuses in the system; addresses reduced operations; and includes a new appendix that provides broad guidelines around weather thresholds that may be used in decision-making. To view more specifics on campus and building closing for your campus, please select the appropriate campus-specific appendix.

Please provide your comments on the revised Administrative Policy: Campus and Building Closing.

Using Vehicles on University Business

If you’re one of the more than 3,500 University employees that use University vehicles for travel to system campuses and other business-related locations, the latest revisions to the Administrative Policy: Using Vehicles on University Business will be of interest to you.

  • A Minnesota Statute change in 2019 (section 169.011) that went into effect on 8/1/19 prohibits use of cell phones while driving under specified circumstances. This policy version includes this prohibition.
  • A drop in the minimum age requirement from age 19 to age 18 will enable drivers who meet the qualifications to be on the University’s registry, such as student employees, to drive a University vehicle.
  • Registered drivers who have driving violations resulting in a loss or revocation of their driving privileges for any reason (regardless of whether incidents occurred personally or professionally, must self-report the instances to the Office of Human Resources and Fleet Services.

The Using Vehicles on University Business revision is available for comment through November 1, 2019.

Going, Going, Gone! Three Investment Related Policies Have Been Merged into One

Policy owners continually seek ways to reduce the number of policies/documents while still providing the information needed to protect University resources and comply with governing rules and regulations. In this instance, Administrative Policies: Establishing Change & Miscellaneous Payment Funds and Utilizing Bank Accounts have now been retired. The remaining policy, Treasury Management Services incorporates the key information from the retired policies into one.

This policy update was published in the Policy Library but your comments/feedback are always welcome by completing the Document Feedback form located at the bottom of each policy.

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