Administrative Policy News for September 2018

Parental Leave

Another Enhancement to the Parental Leave Policy

Through paid and unpaid leaves, flexible work arrangements, wellness programs and initiatives, the University is committed to supporting employees’ wellbeing and providing options to manage work and personal life responsibilities.

In March there were significant changes to Administrative Policy:  Parental Leave, to include:

  • 6 weeks paid leave for both parents who meet eligibility requirements*,
  • expanded coverage to include gestational surrogacy, in addition to birth and adoption, and
  • removal of the nine-month employee eligibility requirement.

* Eligible employees work at least fifty percent time, including graduate students on fellowship and graduate students employed by the University.

The current version expands the window in which a parent may take parental leave from within six weeks of the event to within thirteen weeks after.  Parental leave must still be taken without interruption and during the term of appointment.

Postdoctoral Appointments

Grading and Transcripts: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester

The Grading and Transcripts Policy contains key information for both undergraduate and graduate students at the University. In the most recent comprehensive review of the policy, the following changes were proposed and incorporated into this draft under review.

  • The time limit by which work should be submitted by a student to resolve an incomplete ( I) grade is by the day grades are due for the subsequent regular (fall or spring) term.  If not completed within this time period, the I will automatically be changed to an F (represents failure in the course and no credit is earned) or N (not satisfactory), consistent with the student’s grading scale for the course. This pertains to undergraduate students.
  • The information was reorganized according to the commonly understood grading scales of A-F and S-N.
  • This version clarifies definitions and limits the use of X and K symbols to approved courses (see section C: 3 and 4)

This version is ready for your review and feedback.

Credit and Grade Point Requirements for an Undergraduate (Baccalaureate) Degree:  Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester

The Administrative Policy: Credit and Grade Point Requirements for an Undergraduate (Baccalaureate) Degree establishes a minimum consistent standard that all undergraduate students must reach in order to earn an undergraduate degree.  This policy has been revised to improve understanding when students are approaching the maximum number of S/N Credits in their degree.

On the Twin Cities campus, the maximum has been changed from 25% to 20 total S/N credits in an undergraduate degree.

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