Documents Under Review

Animals on Campus (30 Day Review)
Comments due by:
July 19, 2019

New Policy under 30 Day Review.

  1. Clarifies which kinds of animals can be on campus and in buildings.
  2. Outlines the requirements around service and assistance animals, and by and large sets in place a ban on domestic pets in all university facilities. 
  3. Ensures compliance with the law, but also protects university property as well as creates a safe place for those who live and work here.
Family and Medical – FMLA Leave (30 Day Review)
Comments due by:
July 19, 2019

Revised Policy under 30 Day Review.

  1. Includes a new section (Use of Paid Leave) which provides a clear road map to employees on when various paid leave, including parental leave, must be used in conjunction with the otherwise unpaid FMLA leave.
  2. Improve clarity, consistency, and alignment with other leave policies.

Policies Under Review

The University's administrative policy development process includes a 30-day open review  and comment period for new and significantly revised policies. This provides an opportunity for the University community to consider and respond to policy proposals before they are in effect.  The policy owner will review and consider all feedback received prior to finalizing the particular policy and associated documents.

We encourage you to provide your input, both positive and constructive, by completing the feedback box at the bottom of the draft policy before the end of the review period. Thank you for your assistance!

Michele Gross
Director - University Policy Program