Policies Under Review

Retaliation (30 Day Review)
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July 14, 2017
New policy. 1. Provides core language to be used in any administrative policy that addresses retaliation for reporting suspected or alleged misconduct (violation of law, rule, regulation or policy.) 2. Covers the University’s position on false reporting or providing false information in an investigation.
Reporting Suspected Misconduct (30 Day Review)
Comments due by:
July 14, 2017

Reporting Suspected Misconduct comprehensive review, 30 day review -
1. Expands on the prohibition on retaliation for the reporter to also include prohibiting retaliation for individuals participating in an investigation.
2. Includes new language on the expectations for standards of conduct.
3. Provides new language on reporting red flag indications of potential misconduct.
4. Requires employees to participate in investigations related to suspected misconduct.
5. Specifies that the information related to these reports and investigations are kept confidential to the extent provided by law.