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Other Human Resources Issues during a University State of Emergency

Appendix to Policy

A. Working Outside of Classification and Home Campus/College/Administrative Unit

Employees may be required to work outside of their classification as deemed necessary by the department or University. This includes employees with the necessary skills that are needed to work outside their campus, college, or administrative unit. The appropriate University authority will notify these employees when and where they must report to work. The campus, college, or administrative unit for which the work is performed is responsible for compensation at the individual’s regular base pay for their original appointment, or for an augmentation where required by contract or other policy.

B. Paychecks

The on-campus distribution of paychecks will be suspended during a declared University State of Emergency. Paycheck distribution via direct deposit will continue and will be the only mechanism available for the distribution of employee pay. A memo will be developed that advises employees that paychecks will not be available for pick-up if the campus closes, and recommending employees who have not yet done so should set up direct deposit for their pay checks.

C. Grant-Funded Employees

Employees funded by external grants must be paid according to the specific requirements and limitations of the grant. Employing units and principal investigators are encouraged to work with funding agencies to determine how grant funded employees will be paid in advance of any State of Emergency.

D. Union-represented Staff

Staff represented by unions will be compensated in accordance with the terms of their collective bargaining agreements for time worked and may be required to work out of their classification as deemed necessary by the department or University.

E. Graduate Assistant and Student Employees

Graduate assistants and student employees should make reasonable efforts to contact their departments during a State of Emergency, and are to report to work only if specifically directed. Student employees are not eligible for paid leave and will be paid only for the hours worked. Graduate assistants may request approval for leave consistent with paid and unpaid leaves of absence as defined within the Administrative Policy: Graduate Assistant Employment.

F. Compensatory Time Off

The University reserves the right to award compensatory time off in lieu of overtime to eligible staff during a State of Emergency.

G. Probationary Periods

Probationary periods are suspended for the duration of the State of Emergency, or up to 60 work days.

H. Timekeeping

Employees should submit timekeeping records as directed by the department. Departments should communicate methods of time reporting, including various types of leave, prior to a declared State of Emergency.

I. Other

Vacation donation programs, layoff/non-renewal benefit programs, and other leave programs may be suspended during a State of Emergency. Whether and which programs are affected will be determined by the senior leadership in the Office of Human Resources and will be based upon the circumstances of the emergency.

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