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University State of Emergency: Position Description and Responsibilities


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Employees and departments must follow the directions in the matrix below, remembering that communication during a State of Emergency will be challenging. Departments need to be reasonable and flexible in responding to employee requests and understand that there may be delays both in communications and in adherence to established call-in procedures.

The term "Essential employee" refers to employees whose duties must continue to be performed during a declared emergency. It is not intended to discount or dismiss mission critical duties performed by other employees.

Position Designation Responsibilities
  • Contact department for direction on where to work (campus location, home, other designated location)
  • Report for work as directed by the department
  • If contact with the department cannot be made, report to work
  • Contact department to communicate specific reasons for inability to work and seek approval for absence
  • Do not need to report to work only if specifically directed not to report by:
    • Department
    • Civil emergency or medical authorities for health & safety reasons
(to Essential position)
  • Contact department to inquire as to whether you are needed on site and if so, where to report for work (campus location, home, other designated location)
(able to work remotely)
  • Contact your department to determine your work expectations
  • Work from home or another location if your work can be done remotely (do not come to campus). When possible, these details will be approved in advance, or provided to you during the University state of emergency
(not able to work remotely)
  • Contact department to communicate your status