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Tobacco Cessation Resources: Rochester

Appendix to Policy

The following cessation resources are available to assist smokers who wish to quit.

Resources for Students

Resource Description Location
Smoking Cessation Services Students needing smoking cessation assistance should contact the UMR Student Health Services at 507-258-8008. OMC Skyway Clinic, 2nd Floor of 318 Commons

Resources for Employees

These programs are administered by the Office of Human resources Wellness Program in consultation with the Benefits Advisory Committee.

Resource Description Location
Nicotine Replacement Therapy Options for UPlan Members Includes nicotine patches, gum and lozenges.
Prescription Medication Options for UPlan Members Includes Chantix,Welbutrin Your healthcare provider
Telephone Health Coaching
For UPlan members
Employees are able to work with a telephone health coach on a variety of health topics including tobacco cessation  
Medica Tobacco Cessation Program for UPlan members Confidential counseling with a trained cessation counselor and it includes goal setting and self-help materials.
Participants can receive over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy at no additional cost.
Staywell Health Management Online Healthy Living Smoke Free Program for UPlan members A six- week personalized resource to help with smoking cessation. It includes weekly to-do lists and a daily progress track to help provide support and additional information while the participant is trying to quit.
Quit Plan This cessation program is open to all Minnesota residents 18 years and over who use any type of tobacco product.

Program options include:
Telephone counseling
Access to free or reduced cost over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy (i.e., the patch, gum)

Online resources:

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