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Reporting Suspected Misconduct Flowchart


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Where should I report my concerns to if I feel like something is wrong? At the University, we have several options:

  • You can report to your college, department or administrative unit.
  • You can report to a central University office that would normally address the type of concern, such as the Equal Opportunity and Title IX office or the Office of Conflict Resolution.
  • You can report to the Office of Institutional Compliance.
  • Or you can file a report through the University’s UReport system. These can be anonymous.

The appropriate University office will investigate the allegation. If the concerns are substantiated, a resolution will be implemented. If the concerns are not substantiated, the allegation will be closed. In either case, the reporter will be notified that the investigation has concluded.

Reporting Suspected Misconduct Flowchart described above.