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Record Retention Schedule: Youth University Program or Event


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Governing Policy


Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Accident Or Incident Reports
Retention: 7 years after program or event is completed provided no litigation is pending.
Attendance Records
This series documents youth attendance during the program or event, and may consist of but not is not limited to sign-in and sign-out sheets, and notes from parent/legal guardian requesting release.
Retention: Retain until no longer needed for administrative use.
Covid-19 Safety Plans
This series consists of safety plans that are required for in-person programming and may include but is not limited to name of event or program, program leader, program description and dates, number of staff and participants, and how screening and other safety practices (food service, disinfecting, cleaning, transportation, and social distancing) will be handled.
Retention: Retain 1 year after program is completed.
Covid-19 Screening Data
This series consists of screening data collected from attendees and staff participants at youth programs or events. Medical information and release forms are kept in a separate file.
Retention: 30 days after end of event. 
Health Information and Authorizations
This series consists of the Health Information Sheet, which acts as an authorization for the University of Minnesota to treat the attendee in case of an emergency and is signed by the attendee or parent/legal guardian if attendee is a minor. It also contains COVID-19 screening authorizations. These forms are event-specific. 
A: No injury or accident reported: 1 year after event completed provided no accident or emergency has taken place and provided no litigation is pending.
B: Accident or injury reported: 7 years after medical treatment provided no litigation is pending.
Photographic, Video, Audio And Web Site Consent And Release Form
This series consists of consent and/or release forms authorizing the University to use visual and audio media that may include the attendee for promotional or other purposes, and is signed by attendee or parent/legal guardian.
Retention: Retain as long as the visual or audio media is maintained, or as long as the media is used in promotional pieces.
Policies and Procedures
This series consists of internal policies and procedures related to the program or event. 
Retention: Retain until updated.
Program Schedules
This series consists of the daily schedule for the program or event, and includes times, places and breaks. 
Retention: Retain until obsolete. 
Release of Liability Forms
This series consists of a general release of liability form which all attendees or parents/legal guardians sign, and/or an event specific liability form which is signed for specific events or programs. Information includes contact information, signature of attendee or parent/legal guardian, and may include emergency contact information.
Retention: 7 years after event provided no litigation is pending.
Volunteer Information
This series includes application forms for program volunteers. Information may include but is not limited to contact information, demographic information and volunteer’s signature. The signature acknowledges receipt and review of the University of Minnesota volunteer terms of agreement, code of conduct, media release, medical authorization, and screening release, and agreement to abide by the program policies and procedures upon acceptance as a volunteer.
Retention: 7 years after volunteer leaves the program provided no litigation is pending.
Youth Program or Event Recordings
Retention: 30 days after the close of the program, camp or event provided no incident has been reported.