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Cost Coverage Recommendations for Official Government Events


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

University of Minnesota Government Relations recommends using the following criteria to determine what to charge an elected official for an official government event. A reminder that University resources cannot, without exception, be used for political/non-official events. This includes expenses related to use of space, security, technology, food, or other items. All costs associated with political/non-official events must be charged to the organizing entity or candidate’s campaign. 

Hosting Entity Charges to Elected Official
University faculty or staff No charge to elected official
University student organization No charge to elected official
Congressional office of elected official Expenses charged to elected official or committee
Campaign office of elected official Expenses charged to elected official or committee
External organizing entity. Expenses charged to host organization

Potential Costs Charged to Visiting Entities for Official Government Events

Food - The external or University affiliated organizing entity is responsible for covering the cost of food and drinks at the event.

Parking - The University may arrange to pay for parking charges for the elected official(s) hosting/participating in the event.

Technology - The hosting office is responsible for covering all costs associated with technology support, including audio/visual equipment, lighting, etc.

Security – Each event requires a safety and security assessment by Public Safety personnel. Venue dynamics, continuing campus operations, and event circumstances will be specifically addressed in the assessment.  Organizers will be required to provide funding to cover all safety and security costs. Cost details, including a detailed basis for the assessment, will be communicated to the external or University affiliated organizing entity prior to the event to ensure full payment is made.