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Official Closing Announcement

Appendix to Policy

Official Announcements

University Relations is responsible for notifying the University community and the public, if the decision to close or cancellation of classes on the Twin Cities campus is made.

All official University announcements will be made exclusively through University Relations or the University of Minnesota Police Department / Emergency Management.

Announcements of an emergency closing/cancellation of classes will, to the extent possible, specify the starting and ending times of the closing/cancellation of classes, and whether the closing/cancellation of classes includes specific University services, events, and evening or Saturday classes and programs.

Internal communication: University Relations will use a variety of communications methods as appropriate to communicate a closing, including but not limited to email,  postings on the University website (, tone alert radios, and text message alert (TXT-U).

Note: Calling University offices will not guarantee that the latest or most accurate information is provided to the caller.

External communication: University Relations will notify all appropriate media outlets.

University Relations will telephone the following University offices as soon as possible after a decision to close/cancel classes is made:

Board of Regents

University Admissions


Intercollegiate Athletics

Vice Presidents

University Operator

It is the responsibility of these offices to notify subordinate units and offices not listed above.

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