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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Determination to Close, Reduce Operations, or Cancel Classes

In accordance with the policy, the Chancellor or Officer of the Day (OOD) will consult with the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations, and the Vice Chancellor for Student Life. After consultation with senior leadership and relevant staff, the Chancellor or OOD will make the decision to implement a change in operations.

The Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations, or Vice Chancellor for Student Life will then notify the Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer or the University Marketing and Public Relations (UMPR) designee of the decision and outline the message to be disseminated. Following that notification, the next action steps will be:

  • UMPR staff will be assigned to send the designated message. If no UMPR staff are available to do this, the Chief Information Officer in Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) will be contacted to perform, or assign ITSS staff to perform, this function. UMPR staff will post the designated message to the appropriate channels based on the specific incident. These may include UMD website, email, text, social media, the MyU portal, local media and the Snow Advisory Hotline (726-SNOW). The person who posts the message will also be responsible for removing it when the closing is lifted.
  • When the decision is made to implement a change in operations at UMD, UMD campus leadership will notify the University leadership as appropriate.

Closing or Reduced Operations Notification

In addition to the notifications outlined in the policy, additional communications with specific information regarding other buildings, outlying properties, or additional operational notes will be posted to the UMD homepage as appropriate.

Typical Reduced Operations / Campus Closure decision times

  1. Change in operations starting at normal business hours
    The decision and announcements are to be made as early in the morning as possible, preferably by 5:00 a.m for cancellation of classes, reduced operations, or closing. The duration for this decision will be noted in campus announcements. The shifts occurring during or after the end of reduced operations are expected to report to work as outlined in their contract or University policy. Faculty are encouraged to deliver classes remotely whenever possible. In person class disruption or adjustments due to weather will normally cover only the day and evening of the announcement. 
  2. Change in operations after normal business day has begun
    To the extent possible, two hours of lead-time will be provided in order to organize transit services. When UMD makes a decision to go into reduced operations or other operational change, colleges/units are asked to assist in sharing communicating announcements. Midday changes will be communicated in a variety of means as appropriate, including but not limited to SAFE-U email and text messages and postings on social media and the UMD website.
  3. Change in operations during evenings and weekends
    When possible, the decision to adjust classes, go into reduced operations, or close should be made by 3:00 p.m. for evening classes and by 5:00 a.m. for Saturday classes.

Special Situations

Events with UMD sponsorship and non-UMD events held on the campus, such as admissions visits or college entrance examinations, are subject to cancellation during reduced operations with several exceptions noted below.

Locations off the primary UMD campus such as Glensheen, NRRI, and departments operating from other locations, Student Life events, or departments holding/hosting special events, should contact their respective vice chancellor or unit head to determine whether or not their facility will be closed or remain open.

Decisions about certain major events such as men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletic events, concerts, lectures, weddings, and conferences will be made by the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of that unit and will be canceled or postponed through a special or additional proclamation and are not subject to the reduced operations announcement. The event sponsor can contact UMPR if they have special instructions for their events or programming during times of reduced operations. If campus events continue as scheduled during a reduction in operations, these events may experience reduced services depending on facilities staff availability (i.e. snow removal).

Further Information

Questions about personnel or compensation issues related to potential or actual closings or reduced operations should be directed to your local campus, college, or administrative unit HR administrator, or as needed, to the Human Resources Lead for the campus. Questions regarding circumstances with student workers should be directed to Student Employment within the Department of Human Resources.