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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Managing Delegations

Administrative Procedure

Each University unit reviews and maintains within the Delegations of Authority System all of the delegations for their unit. Managers are encouraged to examine the designated authorities for positions that report to them, if delegations have been assigned, when conducting their annual reviews. If the delegations do not match with practice, this provides an opportunity to determine if either a clarification or a change is needed.

Documenting Delegations

  1. Each individual in a position with one or more delegations of authority (delegators) will determine when one or more of their employees’ positions should be assigned a delegation of authority, have an existing delegation revised, or have a delegation removed from that position.
  2. If adding a delegation, the delegator determines whether or not a limitation should be placed on the delegation (e.g., may not sub-delegate, a dollar threshold, or other restriction on the subdelegation).
  3. If changes (adds, edits, or removes) are needed, the delegator will communicate these changes (by email or in writing) to their designated Delegations of Authority Specialist (DOA specialist).
  4. Delegations specialists complete the requested maintenance in the delegations system per procedures described on the Delegations website.

Notification to Delegatees

  1. Delegators notify their delegatees that their position has been assigned one or more signature authorities, or when delegations of authority are being revised or removed from a delegatee. The notification includes an effective date for the change.
  2. Delegators or the DOA specialists will make the notification available, if requested.
  3. A copy of the notification is attached to the employee's personnel file.

Annual Review and Update

  1. OIC sends out an annual reminder to DOA specialists for dissemination to their respective delegators/units.
  2. Delegators provide their DOA specialists with either new/revised information, or confirm that the delegations are current and accurate.

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