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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Managing Delegations

Administrative Procedure

Each University unit is responsible for reviewing its delegations and communicating timely updates to the Office of Institutional Compliance (OIC).

Managers are encouraged to examine employees' designated authorities when conducting their annual reviews. If the delegations do not match with practice, this provides an opportunity to determine if either a clarification or a change is needed.

Documenting Delegations

  1. Each unit identifies new or revised delegation assignments including dollar thresholds and restrictions on sub-delegations, if any.
  2. Each unit sends a request to make the specified changes to an employee’s delegations to the OIC at or to their designated delegations coordinator. See Delegation of Authority Requests for further details. Delegations coordinators, after reviewing the assignments, will forward the information to OIC.
  3. OIC staff enters the information into the President's Delegations Library.

Notification to Delegatees

  1. Delegators notify their delegatees in writing that they have received one or more signature authorities. The notification includes an effective date for the change.
  2. A copy is placed in the employee's personnel file.

Annual Review and Update

  1. OIC sends out an annual reminder to delegations coordinators for dissemination to their respective units.
  2. Each Unit reviews their delegations to confirm:
    1. The individual is still within the unit and still requires the authority given to them.
    2. The threshold(s), if any, is still appropriate for the delegated task.
  3. Units provide their delegations coordinators with either new/revised information, or confirm that the delegations are current.
  4. The delegations coordinators forward the changes to OIC at

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