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Policy Statement

The word "vehicle" as used herein is defined as any motorized moveable conveyance that requires a motor vehicle license for use on public roads and as any trailer or similar device attachable to a motorized moveable conveyance. Motorcycles, motor-bicycles, motor scooters, and snowmobiles are included unless parked in a designated motorcycle parking area. The parking of any such vehicle (as defined) on the Morris Campus of the University of Minnesota is controlled by the following rules and regulations:

Campus Roads and Driveways

No parking is allowed on or along any campus road or in any campus driveway, unless indicated by signage or at the direction of an Officer. If a vehicle is continuously attended by its driver, however, and if the road or driveway is wide enough to allow other traffic to continue in the normal manner, stopping for short periods of time to let out or take in passengers is permissible. Temporary parking permits are also available from the Campus Police Office for loading or unloading items into or out of vehicles out of or into adjacent buildings or grounds areas. Readily identifiable delivery trucks and vans which are actually making business deliveries to or pickups from UMM units do not need the temporary parking permits but must use the designated loading zones and not block other traffic.

Visitors' Parking 

 Temporary permits to park in any of the various campus parking lots are available to visitors without cost from the Campus Police Office. Such a permit must be displayed on the passenger side of the dashboard of the vehicle so that it is visible through the windshield.

Alternatively, reserved spaces for visitors have been set aside in each lot. These spaces are identified by number. A visitor is required to report the vehicle license number and the number of the space in which the vehicle is parked to the Campus Police Office either by phone (320-287-1601) or in person. Permit holders are not allowed to park in the spaces reserved for visitors; violators may be issued a parking ticket.

Staff and Student Parking: Permits to park in a campus parking lot go on sale at the UMM Business Office before the beginning of Fall Semester. The price for all lots is $118.00 (including tax) for the full academic year. Permits will be available for Spring Semester at the cost of $60.00 (including tax). Parking permits are sold on a first come, first served basis. No permit is needed during summers (after the last day of Spring Semester finals until the first day of Fall Semester classes each year) or during semester breaks (after the last day of finals) each year. Temporary Parking Permits are available to students, staff, and faculty for $2.00 per day/$10.00 per week. Overnight camping is prohibited in all lots.

Purchasing Procedure: Parking permits are sold and issued to buyers at the UMM Business Office (205 Behmler Hall). Permits reported stolen or lost will be replaced for a service charge of $10.00. Exchanging a permit for one lot for a permit in a different lot will be allowed, whenever feasible, and will also involve a service charge of $10.00. No parking permits refunds will be given after three weeks into the semester.

Space Reservations: All vehicles (as defined), except vehicles with tax-exempt license plates (such as University-owned vehicles) and readily identifiable commercial delivery trucks or vans which are actually making business deliveries to or pickups from UMM units, must display a valid UMM Parking Permit to be legally parked in a UMM parking lot between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays during the regular academic year on all days when day school classes or finals are scheduled. The permit displayed must be for the specific lot in which the vehicle is parked. The campus administration reserves the right, however, (1) to open any and all lots to public parking with or without charge for special functions and events to be held on campus and (2) to close any and all lots to permit parking for short-term construction, repair, and maintenance work, including snow removal, resealing, and line painting without thereby incurring liability to permit purchasers for rebates or refunds. 

Disability Parking: UMM provides designated disability parking spaces throughout campus. A state-issued disability permit or license plate is required. Disability parking spaces within campus are available to individuals with a state disability permit or license plate and a valid UMM Parking Permit. 

Ticketing, “Booting” and Towing: Except as detailed above, parking is allowed only as stipulated by posted signage. Violators may be issued a citation, and/or “booted” and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Citations (tickets) are payable by the owner or driver to the City of Morris in accordance with the following schedule of fines:

Schedule of Fines
Parking Violation DescriptionAmount of Fine
Parking without Displaying a Valid UMM Permit $20.00
Parking and displaying a forged/altered permit $40.00
Parking in a Restricted Parking Area $20.00
Overtime Parking $20.00
Parking in Other Prohibited Areas $20.00
Parking in a Prohibited Street or Alley $20.00
Parking too Near a Fire Hydrant $20.00
Parking in a Handicapped Parking Space/without a State Permit $200.00

(Parking Fines are subject to change without notice)

Fines may be mailed or delivered to the Morris City Office located at 609 Oregon Avenue or may be paid at the drop boxes located at Behmler Hall (Second Floor) or Camden Hall Basement. Delinquent fines will be accessed a late fee. Questions concerning tickets issued should be directed to the UMM Police Lieutenant. Questions concerning the condition of a parking lot should be directed to the Mick Rose, Plant Services – 320 589-6100. 

Vehicles displaying permits reported stolen or lost by the purchaser maybe booted and/or towed at the owner's expense, after being ticketed. Vehicles parked along roads, in driveways marked as fire zones, or in a lot or elsewhere in a manner obstructing the passage of other vehicles will also be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense, whether or not a valid UMM permit is displayed. Vehicles that have been issued three or more parking citations or have delinquent parking citations past 30 days, may be booted and/or towed at the registered owner’s or primary user’s expense.

Snow Emergency: During a snow emergency, permit holders who find that their assigned lot is closed for snow removal or that no space is available in it, may park in any other lot with available space. Information about emergencies will be announced over KUMM or KMRS.

Policies - A snow emergency will be declared when a snowfall is heavy enough to require its mechanical removal from campus roads and parking lots (normally, three inches in quantity accompanied by wind). The landscape Maintenance Supervisor, or the General Maintenance Supervisor in the absence of the Maintenance Supervisor, will determine when a snow emergency is appropriate. Whenever a significant snowfall has occurred and when it has subsided, the UMM Grounds Crew will begin clearing the snow with its plows and snow blowers. If the snowfall occurs overnight, clearing will begin at 6:30 a.m. the following morning. This policy will be in effect from November first through April first.

Procedures - When a snow emergency has been declared, the following procedures will be carried out:

  1. The Landscape Maintenance Supervisor, or the General Maintenance Supervisor in the absence of the Landscape Maintenance Supervisor, will report it to the University Relations Office, who will, in turn, inform the campus community about it through its normal channels of communication.
  2. Snow emergency signs will be posted at the entrances of each of the parking lots.
  3. No parking will be allowed on any campus roads or driveways until they are cleared of snow to their full width.
  4. No overnight (midnight to 7:30 a.m.) will be allowed in either the West or North lots (except in the northern-most row of the North lot which is designated as the overnight parking row for residents of Pine Hall with North Lot Permits) until they are completely plowed. If possible, both will be cleared and reopened by 8:00 a.m.
  5. The northern halves of the East and South lots will be closed on even-numbered days and southern halves of those lots will be closed on odd-numbered days until cleared.
  6. Vehicles not in compliance with these procedures will be tagged and, at the discretion of the Campus Police, towed to facilitate the snow removal process.

Questions and comments about the above policies and procedures should be directed to the Maintenance Supervisor: Room #9, Camden Hall, 589-6100.

Reason for Policy

To explain the rules and regulations in regard to parking a motor vehicle on the University of Minnesota Morris campus.


Primary Contact(s) Rob Velde 320-589-6001 [email protected]


See Policy Statement.

Policy History

October 2020

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