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Parking on University Property: Morris


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Policy Statement

It is the goal of the University of Minnesota Morris Public Safety Office to provide quality parking services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors in support of the University's Mission. To help make this possible, Public Safety upholds the Board of Regents Traffic Regulation Ordinances Policy as well as the UMN Morris policies and procedures.

UMN Morris Public Safety reserves the right to update and modify the parking policy, procedures, and guidelines at any time to meet the changing needs of the campus community. As parking issues arise throughout the year, these guidelines may be subject to revision at any time. Any changes will be communicated to the campus community when possible.

The word "vehicle" as used herein is defined as any motorized moveable conveyance that requires a motor vehicle license for use on public roads and as any trailer or similar device attachable to a motorized moveable conveyance. Motorcycles, motor-bicycles, motor scooters, and snowmobiles are included unless parked in a designated motorcycle parking area. The parking of any such vehicle on the Morris Campus of the University of Minnesota is controlled by the following rules and regulations:

All vehicles, with the exception of tax-exempt license plates (such as University-owned vehicles), must display a valid University of Minnesota Morris Parking Permit to be legally parked on University property between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays during the academic year, unless posted otherwise. All vehicles parking on campus in association with a parking permit must register their vehicle with Public Safety.

Any driver/vehicle owner found in violation of the University's parking guidelines is subject to being cited and/or booted/towed at the violator’s expense. All fines or fees associated with the citations of such vehicles are collected by the University.

Permit Options

Student Parking

Student parking permits can be purchased by filling out the Student Parking Permit form at

After successful completion of the online form, the student parking permit fee will be automatically charged to your student account.* Parking permits will be mailed to your on-campus mailbox and should be ready for pick up within 2-3 business days.

*PSEO students must pick up and pay for their parking permits at the Business Office Cashier's Window.

Resident Students (students living on campus)

  • Full academic year permit $129.00 Single semester permit: $77

Commuter Students (students who reside off-campus are required to pay sales tax per the MN Department of Revenue)

  • Full academic year permit $129 + tax = $137.87 Single semester permit: $77 + tax = $82.30

Employee Parking

Faculty/Staff parking permits can be purchased by filling out the Faculty/Staff Parking Permit form at

Disbursement information: If you're paying with cash, check, or money order your permit will be given to you when you drop off payment at the Business Office Cashier's window. Employees who sign up for payroll deduction will receive their permits through campus mail.

Reminder: Parking permits will only be issued after the successful completion of the online form.

  • Full academic year permit $129 + tax = $137.87 Single semester permit: $77 + tax = $82.30
  • Day pass: $2.00 per day 
  • Duplicate permits** $10.00

**The duplicate permit is only intended for use by one person who uses two vehicles. If both the original permit and the duplicate are being used simultaneously to park on campus both vehicles are subject to being issued citations.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is designated for guests only. Reserved spaces for visitors have been set aside in each lot. These spaces are identified by a numbered sign. Visitors are required to register their vehicle’s information with Public Safety by calling 320-287-1601 or in person. Faculty, staff, students and other violators of these spaces are subject to a parking citation.

Guests who are visiting campus for more than one business day are required to purchase day passes from the Public Safety Office.

Day pass: $2.00 per day

Accessible Parking

UMN Morris provides designated accessible (mobility-impaired) parking spaces throughout campus. A state-issued accessible permit or license plate is required and must be displayed. 24-hour enforcement of disability parking spaces is required per Minnesota state statute. All violators will be cited.

General Guidelines

Overnight and Weekend Parking

Overnight parking is considered from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. unless otherwise signed. Please read the parking rules and regulations signs located at the entrances to each lot. Vehicles parking overnight in a prohibited area is in violation and subject to a citation.

  • North Lot: Restricted overnight parking in signed areas for Pine Hall residents only.
  • East Lot: Restricted overnight parking in signed areas. 
  • South Lot: Restricted overnight parking in signed areas 
  • West Lot: No overnight parking
  • Central Lot: No overnight parking

Campus Roads and Driveways

No parking is allowed on or along any campus road or in any campus driveway unless indicated by signage or at the direction of an Officer. Visitors who are loading/unloading from vehicles for university business are required to use the designated loading zones and are not allowed to block other traffic.

To legally park on UMN Morris property a permit must be purchased and correctly displayed. All vehicles parking on campus in association with a parking permit must register their vehicle with Public Safety.

Overnight camping is prohibited in all lots.

Displaying a Permit

A permit must be displayed either hanging from the rearview mirror or on the passenger side of the dashboard of the vehicle so that it is visible through the windshield.

Faculty/staff and student permits are not required during scheduled breaks, i.e. spring, summer and winter breaks. Other parking regulations such as overnight parking, unauthorized parking in restricted spaces (loading areas, 20-minute zones, disability parking spaces, fire lanes, etc.) will still be enforced.

Permit Refunds

Student permit refunds will only be issued three weeks into the semester. In order to receive a full or partial refund, the permit holder must provide proof of withdrawal from classes as well as returning your permit to the Public Safety office.

Transfer Of Permit

If you are transferring a permit to a new owner you will need to do this through the Public Safety Office. Permits will not be allowed to transfer ownership if there are any unpaid parking citations associated with either individual or vehicle. If the permit is transferred to another person without notifying Public Safety the registered permit holder and new permit holder are in violation and could be cited.

Lost Or Stolen Permit

Permits that have either been lost or stolen must be reported to the Public Safety Office immediately. Vehicles displaying a stolen or lost permit will result in a citation and may be booted and/or towed at the owner’s expense. If a replacement is desired, the replacement will require a fee of $20. The registered permit holder is responsible for any and all parking fines issued to any vehicle on which the registered permit is displayed.

Schedule of Fines
Parking Violation Description Amount of Fine
Parking without Displaying a Valid UMM Permit $20.00
Parking and displaying a forged/altered permit $40.00
Parking in a Restricted Parking Area $20.00
Overtime Parking $20.00
Parking in Other Prohibited Areas $20.00
Parking in a Prohibited Street or Alley $20.00
Parking too Near a Fire Hydrant $20.00
Parking in a Handicapped Parking Space/without a State Permit $200.00

(Parking Fines are subject to change without notice)

Vehicles parked along roads, in driveways marked as fire zones, in a lot or elsewhere in a manner obstructing the passage of other vehicles will also be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense, whether or not a valid UMN Morris permit is displayed. Failure to respond within ten (10) calendar days of the date on the citation will result in a $10 late fee. Failure to respond within twenty (20) calendar days will result in enforcement action including: placement of a hold on the academic record if the violator is a Student, notification to supervisor if the violator is an employee, and/or referral to the County Attorney for prosecution. Violators who have been issued three or more parking citations or have delinquent parking citations may be booted and or towed at the registered owner’s expense.

If the permit owner or driver fails to resolve their unpaid parking citations, the registered owner will in turn be held fully responsible for all violations involving the vehicle. Unregistered vehicles are prohibited to park on University property.

If a vehicle is booted and/or towed the release of the boot will be authorized upon full payment of all fines and late fees or a satisfactory full payment schedule.

Denial of all UMN Morris parking privileges includes the revocation of a current parking permit and the denial to purchase any future permits. Return of parking privileges will be granted upon full payment of all fines.


Fines may be mailed or delivered to the University of Minnesota Morris Public Safety Office, 6 Behmler Hall, or may be paid at the drop boxes located in Behmler Hall (second floor or basement.)

Reason for Policy

To explain the rules and regulations in regard to parking a motor vehicle on the University of Minnesota Morris campus.


Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Contact(s) Rob Velde 320-589-6001 [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Public Safety Lieutenant
  • Rob Velde
    Public Safety Lieutenant


See Policy Statement.

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Policy History

October 2020