University of Minnesota  Morris Campus Policy

Student Leadership Eligibility: Morris


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Policy Statement

Degree-seeking students who maintain enrollment in eight (8) or more credit hours in residence, are in good academic standing and making satisfactory academic progress may run, apply for and hold student leadership positions. Students who do not meet these standards may still be a member or participant in a student organization, except for holding leadership roles.

The Office of Student Activities, Conferences, and Events will review the eligibility for first year students selected for leadership roles (i.e. Hall Governance, MCSA’s First Year Council, etc.) in the student’s second semester of enrollment.

Students who become ineligible for a leadership position will be notified by the Director of Student Activities or Athletic Director following the tenth class day of each semester. Students who have a cumulative or single semester GPA of below 2.250 will receive an activities alert and will be asked to meet with the Director of Student Activities or Athletic Director to:

  • address concerns;
  • assure students that they have knowledge of and access to support services; and
  • develop a plan to improve their academic performance.

Students who become ineligible for a leadership position by failing to meet the requirements for good academic standing or making satisfactory academic progress may appeal to the Director of Student Activities or Athletic Director as appropriate. When the student making the appeal is advised by the Director, an alternate representative from Student Affairs will hear the appeal. Grounds for appeal include, but are not limited to, fewer than eight credits in the final semester of enrollment, extenuating non-academic circumstances, or academic accommodations. Any open position will be filled through the method appropriate to the position.

Reason for Policy

The University of Minnesota, Morris values student leadership and engagement as important contributors to student learning and development, as well as key components of UMM's distinctive shared governance and campus life. The campus is committed to creating an environment for student leadership that recognizes, supports, and enriches student academic success. This policy aligns student organizations with other similar leadership expectations already in place within UMM and the University of Minnesota, system.


Primary Contact(s) David Israels-Swenson, Senior Director of Student Activities, Health and Wellness 320-589-6080 [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Senior Director of Student Activities, Health, and Wellness


There are no procedures associated with this policy.

Other Information


Student Leadership position
Leadership roles within student organizations and athletic teams.
Good academic standing
Students who are meeting scholastic academic standards and are are not on academic probation or suspension.
Satisfactory academic progress
Demonstrated by GPA and credit completion ratios as defined by federal financial aid regulations.

Policy History

This policy was developed by the UMM Student Affairs Committee. It will become effective the year following its approval by the University of Minnesota, Morris Campus Assembly.

The policy was approved at the Morris Campus Assembly meeting on March 24, 2015.