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Multi Institutional Enrollment: Morris


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Policy Statement

A consortium agreement exists among the five campuses of the University of Minnesota that allows students to take classes, including online, from another campus. Under this agreement degree-seeking students in good academic standing with 12 credits or more earned at Morris may attend another campus for either fall or spring semester during an academic year without losing their status or jeopardizing eligibility for Morris student financial assistance programs.

Interested degree-seeking students must submit a request to Onestop by the deadline specified on the academic calendar corresponding with the semester in question.

Courses taken at other U of M campuses:

  • Impact the student’s GPA; and
  • Include online courses.

Reason for Policy

It is critical for students to establish a relationship with a Morris faculty advisor and identify a Morris academic plan before studying at another campus as a Morris degree-seeking student. Multi-I students are not assigned an advisor at the visiting campus and will have limited access to Morris student support resources. In addition, the Universitywide residency requirement must be observed.


Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Contact(s) Marcus Muller - Director of Office of the Registrar 320-589-6011 [email protected]
Janet Schrunk Ericksen - Dean’s Office 320-589-6015 [email protected]
Angie Senger - Transfer Specialist 320-589-6026 [email protected]
One Stop Student Services 320-589-6026 [email protected]
Responsible Individuals
Policy Owner Primary Contact
  • Director, Office of the Registrar
  • Marcus Muller
    Director, Office of the Registrar


There are no procedures associated with this policy.

Other Information


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What steps are required for Multi-I enrollment?

    First, discuss your academic plan with your faculty advisor. Second, visit One Stop Student Services to learn about the relationship with each campus for registration, student status, and financial aid purposes. Third, confirm with the transfer specialist in the Office of the Registrar that the courses you are considering will transfer to Morris to satisfy degree requirements.

  2. Does Multi-I apply to online courses?

    Yes. Morris students may study full-time online or on a different campus for one term per academic year, either fall or spring semester. Full-time is defined as 12 or more credits.

  3. Can students “mix and match” courses from various campuses and residential and online courses? How does this affect the one-semester per academic year requirement?

    Yes. Given the availability of online classes, this is a possibility. Please discuss with your adviser and then consult the Scholastic Committee representative in the Office of the Registrar to determine how the one-semester requirement will impact your plans.

  4. Can a student who studies at another campus during fall semester take an online course from the same campus during spring semester when back in residence at Morris?

    If the majority of credits during the spring semester are at the Morris campus, an online course at another campus can be allowed. Students must submit an Academic Policy Petition for approval.

  5. How does Multi-I student status impact the Morris credit maximum?

    Morris students enrolled in classes at other campuses will be allowed the same total number of maximum credits, 20 credits for fall and spring semesters and 12 credits for summer term, regardless of which campus awards the credits.

  6. How does Multi-I impact the residency requirement for the Morris degree?

    Residency requires students to complete no less than 30 credits at the Morris campus to earn the degree. In addition, 15 of the last 30 credits for the degree (not the last 15) must be earned at Morris. Multi-I courses at another campus do not count towards the 15 of the last 30 Morris residency credits. Study abroad courses through another University of Minnesota campus also require Multi-I status and can count towards the 15 of the last 30 Morris residency credits per the Scholastic Committee. Please confirm study abroad residency credits through the Office of the Registrar early in the planning process.

  7. The policy states Multi-I can be used during fall or spring semester. How about summer sessions at another University of Minnesota campus?

    Summer courses are not included in the one semester per academic year limit, but they do impact the residency requirement. Students must apply for Multi-I student status before registering for summer courses at another campus.

  8. Do courses at another University of Minnesota campus impact the Morris grade point average (GPA)?

    Yes. All University of Minnesota courses will appear on your transcript and impact your GPA and academic standing.

  9. Can a high school student studying at the Morris campus through the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO) take a course at another campus through Multi-I Enrollment?

    No. PSEO students are not eligible for Multi-I enrollment until they become degree-seeking students. PSEO is a nondegree program.

  10. Will the one-semester limit be waived if a student takes a two-semester study abroad program through another University of Minnesota campus?

    Yes. Morris Multi I students may study abroad for one or two semesters per academic year through the University of Minnesota. Consult the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) for more information.

  11. What happens if a student takes a class that did not receive prior approval from the transfer specialist or the discipline coordinator for the major (i.e. course approval form)?

    The prior approval form is a student’s guarantee that the courses completed through Multi I will apply to Morris degree requirements. If a student does not receive prior approval for a course, there is no guarantee that it will count towards a requirement for general education or for a major.


Inform students of policy. Respond to petitions in a timely fashion.
Consult academic adviser regarding academic plans. Submit Multi-I forms and petitions in a timely fashion and within published campus deadlines.
Transfer specialist/discipline coordinator for the major
Review courses that the student is interested in taking and determine how they will transfer and impact the progress towards degree completion.

Related Information

Policy History

Morris Scholastic Committee March 2017

Morris Campus Assembly October 2017