Requesting/Donating Paid Leave (for Civil Service and Union-Represented Staff)

Requesting Donations of Paid Leave

Step 1:

Eligible employees initiate a request, through their supervisor, for donations of paid vacation leave to use as sick leave. In the event employees are physically or mentally unable to initiate a request, requests may be initiated by a member of the employee's immediate family or their department. Application is made using form UM 1549: Request to Use the Vacation Donation Program, which includes a release of medical information. Employees are also responsible for the completion of form UM 1550: Vacation Donation Program: Physician's Statement, the information of which is treated in a confidential manner. Additional medical information may be needed to substantiate the request.

The employee’s absence record must indicate that all available sick leave, vacation leave, personal holiday, and compensatory time will be exhausted before receiving any donated leave days.

Step 2:

Completed forms UM 1549 and UM 1550 are to be submitted by the supervisor to:

  • Employee Benefits/Vacation Donation
    200 Donhowe 
    319 15th Avenue SE 
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

Fax: 612-626-0808

Email: [email protected]

Step 3:

Employee Benefits reviews and verifies the information in the request. If complete information is lacking, the application is returned to the department contact. Verification of exhaustion of paid leave is done in HRMS, thereby requiring that all leave and compensatory time information be entered into PeopleSoft.

Step 4:

The request is either accepted or denied.

Step 5:

The supervisor of the employee and the employee are both notified of the decision.

Step 6:

Once the request is officially approved, and not before, the supervisor and employee discuss the communication to go out from the department requesting donation of vacation days. The employee or initiator of the request must sign off on a copy of the communication before it is sent.

Donating Vacation Leave Days

Donations of vacation leave are limited to a maximum of 40 hours of paid time per calendar year and must be donated in 8-hour increments, regardless of the donor's appointment percent. The donated paid time is calculated on the hourly rate and fringe benefit rate of the employee donating the time.

Step 1:

Eligible civil service or union-represented staff employees wishing to contribute earned vacation days must complete the form UM 1551 with the assistance of their department.

Step 2:

The department is responsible for confirming that the donated vacation day hours are available.

Completing the Transfer of Funds

Step 1:

The completed UM 1551 form is submitted to Employee Benefits.

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