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Responsibility Who is Responsible Purpose Specifications
Phased schedule for participation of 4A Academic Staff (academic professionals who hold primary responsibility for teaching) in the Faculty Retirement Plan
  • EVPP Office
  • OHR
  • To introduce the Faculty Retirement Plan benefit for eligible 4A Academic Staff (academic professionals who hold primary responsibility for teaching).
Generic Classification position description for senior teaching specialist and senior lecturer; update any other classification descriptions as appropriate
  • OHR
  • To develop generic descriptions for new classifications;
  • To provide for clearer understanding of how each classification is now defined and used.
Follow standard format.
Annual Report of use of academic appointments with teaching functions
  • EVPP Office
  • OHR
  • To provide helpful information to the collegiate dean and other central officers involved in the annual collegiate academic planning and budgeting compact process;
  • To provide information to the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure whose responsibility it is to review this information for consistency with the approved collegiate academic personnel plan and the academic mission of the University.

Number of individuals falling within each of the academic teaching appointment main categories and sub categories

  • Total for each main category and subcategory; 
  • Numbers broken out by department, college and campus
Review the Administrative Policy: Academic Appointments with Teaching Functions once every five years (Note: this review does not preclude earlier changes, should the need arise).
  • EVPP Office
  • VPHR

To examine:

  1. the success of the policy in meeting the University’s goals of providing appropriate instruction of the highest possible quality for all students;
  2. the suitability of its provisions for the future of the University.