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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Electing the Layoff Severance Program

Administrative Procedure


  1. Complete and sign theLayoff Severance Program Agreement and the Benefits Election form by the last day of employment or earlier. Employees have the right to consult with an attorney.
  2. Hand the completed Layoff Severance Program Agreement and the Benefits Election form to the responsible administrator/supervisor in the department by (a) the last day of employment, or (b) by the ending date of this program, whichever occurs first.
  3. Sign the Release on the last day of employment. (A Release signed prior to the last day of employment will not be accepted.)
  4. Send the Release to Employee Benefits. Benefits under this program will NOT be paid until the signed Release has been received by Employee Benefits.
  5. Contact the Employee Benefits Service Center at (612) 624-8647 or (800) 756-2363 (option 1) or with questions.

This procedure should be followed in a timely manner to avoid a delay in severance payment and/or continuation of insurance coverage. Severance should be received no later than four weeks after the last day of employment, provided that the Release is received in a timely manner.

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