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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

This document will serve as a quick reference for responsible administrators/supervisors when requested to approve a request for a Regents Scholarship. Be sure to consult the Administrative Policy: Regents Scholarship Program and procedures for more complete and detailed information.


Before approving a Regent Scholarship request, be sure that your employee meets all eligibility criteria:

  • All requests to use the Regents Scholarship benefit are made using the UM 1454: Request for Regents Scholarships.
  • Faculty (94xx), academic professional and administrative (93xx, 96xx, 97xx, and 9546), civil service, and union-represented staff employees must be holding a 75 to 100 percent appointment.
  • Employees must meet course admittance eligibility criteria.
  • The employee is requesting a course that is covered by the Regents Scholarship Program.
    • Courses Covered. Courses covered under the Regents Scholarship Program are those courses offered for academic credit that appear on a University transcript with A-F or S-N grading only. Independent study credit courses are covered by this program, as well as Independent and Distance Learning (IDL) online coursework. Preparatory math courses offered for no credit are a permitted exception to the for-credit requirement and are covered under this program.
    • Courses Not Covered. Courses not covered include non-credit courses offered through the College of Continuing Education or other university departments, Carlson Executive MBA Program, Academic Distributed Computer Services short courses, Student Union mini-courses, Recreational Sports offerings, study abroad courses offered through the Learning Abroad Center (Twin Cities) and similar programs on the system campuses, audited courses, and any other courses that do not qualify under courses covered above. It is the prerogative of the University to restrict the coverage of some additional programs/courses not currently addressed in this policy.
  • Approval for time away from work to attend class is granted. This time must be administered in accord with rules or labor agreements under which the employee is governed (if applicable).

Tuition Coverage

The Regents Scholarship covers:

  • 100% of the tuition cost for eligible employees matriculated for the first time in a baccalaureate degree program.
  • 75% of the tuition cost for all other eligible employees enrolled in courses covered under the Regents Scholarship program.

Courses – session and number

  • Eligible employees on academic year appointments may use this program for summer session courses if employed the preceding spring term and will be employed the following fall term.
  • Registration for one course per term is considered appropriate; however faculty on sabbatical or P&A on professional development leave may enroll up to full-time. Approval of more than one course per term is left to the judgment of the responsible administrator/supervisor and should be carefully considered in terms of potential impact on the person's University work.