Conducting Annual Performance Reviews of Academic Professional and Administrative Employees

SETTING THE STAGE—Unit and/or Department

Performance Standards/Competencies
The unit and/or department may choose to establish unit-wide performance standards/competencies for different types of positions.

The unit and/or the department communicates expectations, including performance standards/competencies, and unit-specific procedures for performance reviews of P&A employees. This information should include a schedule and timeframe for all aspects of the review process.

Delivery Formats and Tools
The unit and/or department may choose to develop customized performance review delivery systems and tools in accordance with policy.


Preparation of Annual Performance Summary Report
P&A employees prepare an annual performance summary report and provide it to their respective responsible administrator/supervisor. It is recommended that the report include achievements made toward goals established for the preceding 12 months. It may also include a statement of proposed goals/objectives for the coming year.

Written Response
P&A employees may prepare, if desired, a written response to the performance review to supplement or refute the evaluation of the responsible administrator/supervisor. This response is to be retained with the official copy of the review.


  1. The responsible administrator/supervisor conducting the annual performance review is to review the annual performance summary report prepared by the P&A employee being reviewed and assess the work and progress toward goals.
  2. The responsible administrator/supervisor may seek feedback regarding the employee’s performance from others as appropriate. In doing so, ensure that procedures are consistent for all P&A employees in the unit unless special circumstances exist.
  3. The responsible administrator/supervisor is to prepare a written evaluation regarding the performance of the P&A employee being reviewed.
  4. The responsible administrator/supervisor is to meet with the P&A employee, provide a copy of the review, and discuss its contents.
  5. The responsible administrator is to engage the employee in a discussion of expectations and goals for the coming year and areas for professional growth.
  6. The responsible administrator/supervisor is to forward a copy of the employee’s completed performance review to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.

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