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Department Checklist (Non-Renewal Program for Academic Professional and Administrative Employees)


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Please circulate this checklist with the documents. This checklist does not need to be returned to Employee Benefits. Please complete all steps in a timely manner.

Note: The non-renewed employee who elects the non-renewal package may not be rehired at the University for the number of weeks covered by the lump sum payment.

  1. The employee turns in the Non-renewal Program Agreement (PDF)and the Benefits Election (PDF) form to the department.
  2. Certify employee's eligibility for the program, determine years of service, and calculate severance pay. (See Definitions in Policy for determining years of service.)
  3. Complete the department's section of the Agreement. Department head or administrator must sign the Agreement.
  4. Photocopy the Agreement.
  5. Forward the original Agreementfor the appropriate signatures (dean or administrative officer and vice-president).
  6. Forward the original signed Release (DOCX) on or after the last day worked.
  7. Forward the Benefits Election form that the employee must complete to continue medical and dental coverage, life and disability insurance, and the health care reimbursement account.
  8. Send the original Agreement, after it has been signed by all parties, to Employee Benefits for retention in the employee personnel file.

For Policy and Payroll questions, call the OHR Contact Center at 612-624-8647 or 1-800-756-2363.