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University of Minnisota  Administrative Policy

Modifying Appointments of Academic Professional and Academic Administrative Employees for Financial Stringency

Responsible University Officer(s):
  • Interim Vice President, Office of Human Resources
Policy Owner(s):
  • Interim Senior Director - Total Compensation and Talent Acquisition
Policy contact(s):
  • See Contacts Section
Date Revised:
Oct 25, 2018
Effective Date:
Jun 1, 2010

Policy Statement

The University reserves the right to modify the appointment terms of Academic Professional and Academic Administrative (P&A) employees throughout the University system in order to address financial stringency. Specifically, the University may: 1) reduce P&A salaries or percentages of appointment during the term of an employee’s appointment; or 2) impose unpaid furloughs or other mandatory unpaid absences. All P&A appointments are made subject to this right regardless of funding sources and as permitted under federal regulations.


The President will determine whether a financial stringency exists. The authority to modify terms of appointment under this policy will reside with the Vice President for Human Resources.


Any temporary modification of terms of appointment under this policy must:

  1. address the Financial Stringency through a process that impacts all P&A appointments within the system, as opposed to those within an individual unit or college.
  2. have a defined term, not to exceed two years; and
  3. be communicated to both PACC, through consultation, and directly to affected employees in a timely fashion in advance of implementation.

Reason for Policy

This policy allows the University to take extraordinary action to reduce personnel costs in the face of unusual financial difficulties facing the institution. It complements policies and provision for other employee groups.




Frequently Asked Questions


General Information OHR Contact Center 612-624-UOHR (8647)


Financial Stringency
Financial difficulties that are unusual in extent and require extraordinary rather than ordinary responses. Refer to Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Tenure, Sections 4.5 and 11, and under Interpretations - 3. Interpretation of Section 4.5 Financial Stringency.
Mandatory time off of work, without pay. Furloughs allow the University to save on salary and benefit dollars to be used in meeting budget challenges under times of financial stringency.
P&A Senate Consultative Committee


Vice President for the Office of Human Resources
Authorizes actions taken under this policy in response to financial stringency; implements a communications plan to provide timely notice to affected employees.
Determines whether a financial stringency exists.

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October 2018 - Comprehensive Review, Minor Revision. Removes redundant effective date from the policy statement, and updates, contact information, responsibilities and titles.
June 2010

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