Requesting a Military Leave of Absence

Employee Receiving Military Orders

Requesting Leave

Employees should provide advance notice of their military service obligations, either orally or in writing, to the supervisor/responsible administrator as soon as possible. No advance notice is required where military necessity precludes such notice or it is otherwise impossible or unreasonable. Employees  also submit copies of their military orders, training notices, or induction information. The supervisor/responsible administrator may contact the military officer who issued the orders to confirm their validity.


Leave information is to be provided to Employee Benefits. Employee Benefits staff will review how the provision of benefits under the various University plans are affected by the leave of absence.

The following two documents describe the responsibilities associated with the availability and handling of employee benefits, including, but not limited to: medical, dental, and basic life coverage; dependent medical and dental coverage; short-term and long-term disability insurance; and retirement plans.

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