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Criteria for Classification Series: Advanced Masters, Ph.D. Candidate, and Graduate School Fellowships


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Advanced Masters and Ph.D. Candidate Job Classifications

This classification series is intended only for advanced masters and doctoral students who have completed all their program coursework and required thesis credits, but who are still working full-time on the research or writing of their thesis, papers or dissertation. The advanced classification series may be used for advanced masters students who (1) have an approved Master's Degree Program form on file with the Graduate School; (2) have completed all coursework on the Degree Program form, with grades posted to the transcript; (3) have met the master's thesis credit requirement (10 semester credits of xxxx 8777 if on Plan A or if on Plan B, have completed all coursework with only the project not graded); and (4) the departmental Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) has completed the Request for Advanced Master's Status form and submitted it to the Graduate School. The Ph.D. Candidate series may be used for Ph.D. students who (1) have passed their oral and preliminary exams and (2) have completed the twenty-four required doctoral thesis credits of xxxx 8888 or its equivalent. The change to advanced classification series cannot occur until the following semester. The advanced classification series provides a lower tuition fringe assessment.

Graduate School Fellowship Classifications

The purpose of graduate school fellowships is to recruit academically outstanding students to the graduate programs of the University of Minnesota. Fellows are expected to carry a substantial course credit load each semester so they may make considerable progress toward completing the coursework component of the degree while on non-service support. The purpose of the doctoral dissertation fellowship program is to provide an opportunity to complete the dissertation within the academic year by devoting full-time effort to the research and writing of the dissertation.

Fellows are expected to work full-time on their program study or dissertation. Fellows may hold supplemental support of up to the value of a 25% graduate assistantship in the student's department in each semester. Fellows may not hold concurrently another fellowship, scholarship, or similar award which duplicates the benefits of the graduate fellowship, although fellows may receive additional partial stipends not to exceed the value of a 25% time graduate assistantship. Graduate School Fellows are not employees and provide no service to the University of Minnesota, but are engaged in full-time educational pursuits.

For available limited benefits, refer to the job classification specification: 9561 Graduate School Fellow.