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  1. If a faculty member who takes a single semester leave, returns for two years, and then takes a year's sabbatical leave, how many additional years must the individual serve before being eligible to take another single semester leave?

    The faculty member would need to provide two more years of service to attain the four years of service credit required to be eligible to take another single semester leave. The year in which this person takes a sabbatical is not credited as a year of service toward another faculty development leave.

  2. If while on a single semester leave, a faculty member is working in conjunction with an entity that does not have a reimbursement account and they choose to reimburse the faculty member for expenses, how is that to be handled?

    Reimbursement from the entity could be received as extra compensation to cover the value of the expenses, with the amount taxable to the individual.

  3. Would a vacation eligible faculty member continue to accrue vacation while on a development leave?

    Yes, they would continue to accrue vacation for both paid and unpaid time if they have not yet reached the maximum accrual permitted.

  4. Is a faculty member eligible to apply for and be granted a single semester, sabbatical or entrepreneurial leave while on disability leave?

    No. A development leave cannot be granted while the faculty member is on disability leave.

  5. Could a faculty member take a single semester, sabbatical or entrepreneurial development leave while on a total or partial disability leave?

    No. The individual must be given a release to work 100 percent time by the health care provider prior to starting a development leave.

  6. May a faculty member be granted a single semester, sabbatical or entrepreneurial development leave while on a phased retirement agreement?

    No. A faculty member is not eligible for a development leave after the last day of regular appointment.

  7. Under what circumstances might a faculty member who has decided not to return to the University following a single semester or sabbatical leave, be granted approval to have the required repayment waived?

    On rare occasions when it is believed to be in the best interest of the faculty member and the institution, a request to waive repayment may be granted by the appropriate senior vice president. For senior leaders resuming their faculty role, refer to the Administrative Policy: Senior Leader Compensation and Separation.