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Terminating Professional and Administrative Employees for Just Cause


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Responsible administrators will take the following steps in situations that may result in termination for just cause:

  1. Consult with their unit's human resources administrator, OHR consultant, and/or the OGC as appropriate.
  2. Begin investigating, or delegate the responsibility for investigating, when information is received about the conduct of a P&A employee that may warrant termination for just cause.
  3. Meet with the P&A employee whose alleged conduct may be just cause for discipline to inform the employee of the allegations and the initiation of an investigation.
  4. Determine if the affected P&A employee can continue to perform their normal responsibilities without causing substantial harm to the individual and/or the unit. In the event this is not deemed advisable, the employee's duties may be changed, the employee may be reassigned to a different area, or the employee may be placed on a leave of absence with or without pay as appropriate to the circumstances. Any reassignment of duties should be commensurate with the individual's qualifications and experience.
  5. As part of the investigation, give the employee an opportunity to respond with evidence to address the allegations.
  6. Meet with the affected employee upon completion of the investigation to advise them whether the allegations are or are not supported by the evidence.
  7. Attempt to resolve the issue if the allegations are supported by the evidence and if appropriate.
  8. Immediately notify the affected P&A employee of the specific charges, the findings, and the resulting discipline if resolution of the issue does not occur.
  9. Immediately advise the affected employee in writing if a determination is made to terminate for just cause. Include in the letter the specific charges and findings, the intent to terminate the employment contract, and the effective date of such dismissal.

A P&A employee who is under a just cause investigation is expected to continue to discharge normal duties at full pay unless the University informs them otherwise.

A P&A employee who receives a written notice of termination for just cause will be dismissed on the effective date indicated in the notice. Termination for just cause may be grieved by the employee in accordance with Board of Regents Policy: Conflict Resolution Process for Employees (PDF) and Administrative Policy: Conflict Resolution for Faculty, P&A, Civil Service, and Student Employees.