Terminating Professional and Administrative Employees in the Case of a Fiscal Emergency

Responsible administrators, after having consulted with the unit Human Resources (HR) administrator, the Vice President for Human Resources (VPHR), the unit Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) liaison and the EOAA director (when significant numbers of academic P&A employees will be adversely affected) will propose to the senior leader of the campus, college, or administrative unit, those P&A employees that are to be terminated for reasons of fiscal emergency. Terminations must follow seniority within appointment classification series (e.g., librarian series, research series). Continuous (G) academic professional appointments will have the most seniority, except where program needs for particular expertise within the operational unit dictate other more appropriate considerations or where funding sources dictate considerations that cannot be set aside.

Responsible administrators will obtain from the senior leader of the campus, college, or administrative unit and the VPHR final approval to terminate appointments for reason of fiscal emergency. Responsible administrators will provide written notice of termination to affected P&A employees. For eligible P&A employees, the terms of the termination will be written in compliance with the notice requirement set forth in the Administrative Policy: Non-Renewal of Appointment for Academic Professional and Administrative Employees, unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary. If compliance to the notice requirement is not viable, reasonable notice is to be provided.

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