University of Minnesota  Appendix

Relationship Between Internal Conflict Resolution Processes and Court Review

Certain employment claims (sometimes referred to as common-law claims) against the University may be required to proceed through the internal formal petition process prior to seeking review by a court. For these claims, if an employee does not proceed in the petition process or fails to file a timely petition, the employee may forfeit the opportunity to have a court review the claim.

For other employment claims where a statute provides a remedy, sometimes referred to as statutory claims, a petitioner may have the option of proceeding directly to the courts without proceeding through the internal formal petition process.

In a petition, a petitioner may include all subject matter that is covered by this policy. If a petitioner chooses not to include all subject matter, the opportunity for court review of the omitted subject matter may be forfeited.

If a petitioner chooses arbitration of any issue, the petitioner is forfeiting the right to court review of the issue.