Positions for Which Background Verification Is Advisable

For those individuals not required to undergo a background check, there are a number of positions for which it is recognized that background verification would be advisable:

  • Having access to controlled substances
  • Having access to cash in excess of $5,000 at any one time
  • Receiving or delivering merchandise items with a value exceeding $5,000
  • Having access to select biological/biochemical agents, as defined by the U.S. Patriot Act of 2001
  • Finalists who indicate a prior conviction on their application
  • Positions within human resources or information technology departments or performing those functions
  • Having responsibility for the care, safety, and security of people or property
  • Having direct access to, or control over, cash, checks, credit cards, and/or credit card account information
  • Having authority to commit financial resources of the University through contract greater than $5,000
  • Having control over campus business processes, either through financial rules or system security access
  • Having access to detailed personally identifiable information about students, faculty, staff or alumni, which might enable identity theft
  • Having possession of building master or sub-master keys for building access.

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