Senior and Other High-Level Leader Positions for Background Checks and Verifications

Senior Leaders
Job CodeJob Title
9301 President
9302 Vice President
9305 Chancellor
9311 Dean
9314 University Librarian
9315 Executive Director/Corporate Secretary, Board of Regents
9316 General Counsel
9319 Executive Vice President/Provost
9326 Provost
9327 Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
9329 Chief of Staff, Office of President
9303AU  Associate Vice President and Chief Auditor
Athletic Director (Twin Cities)
Other High-Level Leaders
Job CodeJob Title
9303 Associate Vice President
9304 Assistant Vice President
9306 Associate Chancellor
9307 Assistant Chancellor
9308 Vice Chancellor
9309 Associate Vice Chancellor
9310 Assistant Vice Chancellor
9312 Associate Dean
9313 Assistant Dean
9317 Chief Information Officer
9318 Foundation President & Chief Executive Officer
9320 Deputy General Counsel
9321 Controller
9322 Associate Vice Provost
9323 Assistant Vice Provost
9324 Assistant Provost
9325 Associate Provost
9328 Vice Provost
9330 Director (University-Wide)
Chief Compliance Officer

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