University of Minnesota  Procedure

Applying for the University Travel Card


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Cardholder Information

  • Read Cardholder Agreement section, sign and date the application.
  • Obtain signed approval from a dean, department head, or designee.
  • Once signed, the cardholder should send the application to the Department Card Administrator.

Department Card Administrator (DCA) Information

  • Ensure the application form submitted is the most recent version of the application which is always available in the UWide Forms Library. Applications submitted on out of date forms will be returned.
  • Ensure all entered text fields on the application conform to the specified format for field length and contain no special characters. Special characters will be entered as the text equivalent and text fields will be truncated to comply with the requirements of the bank’s system.
  • Provide DCA contact information.
  • Provide Billing Address for card applicant. If all cards for a ZDept ID are to be delivered to the DCA, provide the appropriate billing address and check the "Standard Address" box.
  • Designate a non-sponsored default ChartField string.
    • Note: The ChartField must be established in the financial system before card is ordered.
  • Sign application.
  • Scan application as a PDF and email the form to the Perceptive Content at [email protected] with the following subject lines.
    • Purchasing Card use: PCARD: XXXXXXX (Applicant’s Employee ID)
    • Travel Card use - TCARD:XXXXXXX (Applicant’s Employee ID)

Procurement Card Office

  • Program Administrator will review and verify:
    • Cardholder employment status
    • Valid ChartField string
  • The application will be processed within five business days.
  • Card will be issued within five to ten business days.

Card Activation

  • Cardholder should follow instructions that come with the card or call the number on the back of the card.
  • Use Empl ID (not Social Security Number) to activate card.