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Using the University Travel Card


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

  1. I have an American Express card. Can I continue to use my card?

    The University is closing the American Express card program by July 1, 2019. Current American Express cardholders should contact their Department Card Administrator with any questions.

  2. What if I am unable to physically sign the application?

    Alternate methods, such as email, may be used to acknowledge and accept the terms of the cardholder agreement/application.

  3. Is it possible to for training materials to be viewed in a format other than PDF?

    Yes, contact the Financial Helpline to request an alternate format.

  4. I have a travel card but want to use my personal American Express Delta card to pay for my airfare so that I can save on baggage fees. Is this okay?

    The American Express Delta card does not have to be used in order to receive the free bag benefit from Delta.  When booking your airfare make sure to include your Delta SkyMiles number on your reservation, which is tied to your American Express Delta card, and when you get to the airport you can show your American Express Delta card and receive the free baggage benefit.

  5. I am traveling with other University employees and we are sharing rental car. Can one person pay for the rental car and submit the expense for approval or does the rental need to be paid for out-of-pocket and each employee seek reimbursement for their portion of the rental?

    One employee can pay for and submit the expense for approval.  If multiple allocations/ChartField strings are needed to pay for the rental, simply add the appropriate allocations/ChartField strings to the expense when submitting for approval.