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University of Minnisota  Procedure

Making Payments Using Prepaid Debit Cards

Administrative Procedure

Introduction and Purpose:

Funds are added to Prepaid Debit Cards (PPDC), online, using the ClinCard Portal. It is recommended to request a new study/program a minimum of one week in advance to ensure it is created and the required reloadable prepaid debit cards are available.

The primary recipients for PPDC to pay stipends and travel reimbursements are:

  • Human participants
  • Students
  • Non employees

Purchasing Services reserves the right to charge back any card or load fee that has been incurred on returned or unused cards.

Users with access to the portal who have not logged in for 6 months will be removed.  Access to the portal will also be removed when a study/program is canceled or closed and user has not logged into any other active study/program within the portal.  Access can be reactivated if a new study/program is initiated or if user submits a request to regain access.

Department Procedures:

New study/program request:

  1. Complete the PPDC Form

    Helpful Hints:

    • Will the participant be paid $600 or greater for this study/program in a single calendar year?

      Please state yes or no. Selecting yes requires social security number as well as a W-9 from the participant to comply with IRS reporting requirements.

    • Requested number of cards:

      Enter the quantity of cards needed for the first three months of the study/program. Additional cards may be requested as needed. At completion of the study/program all unused cards must be returned to Purchasing. Cards distributed are study/program specific and should not be shared.

    • Stipend description and payment amounts

      The stipend (or visit) information can be set up in advance. This allows the study coordinator to easily pay the participants. All amounts entered as stipends for the study/program are considered preapproved. Amounts will be loaded onto the prepaid debit card without requiring further approval. Once a stipend is paid, it will no longer be available for selection for that specific participant. Please enter in order of occurrence.

    • System access to the study/program:

      Enter the information in this section to grant access to the ClinCard Portal for the individual study/program.  A study coordinator cannot also be an approver for the same study/program.

      1. Study Coordinator: Will register participants, assign cards, pay stipends and pay travel reimbursement.
      2. Approver: Will review and approve miscellaneous and reimbursement payments.
      3. Reporting: Allow user to run and view reports on specific study/program within ClinCard.
  2. Create a Blanket Requisition using supplier number PPDC and attach the completed PPDC Form to the requisition. The requisition should include one line for participant payments and an additional line if travel reimbursements will be made. Save and submit the requisition.
  3. Purchasing will email the department upon final approval that the study/program has been entered and will arrange for card delivery or pick up. The study/program will then be available for study coordinators to add participantsandissue payments. Login credentials will be emailed to the portal users. Instructions on portal use will be available upon login to the ClinCard portal under the support tab.
  4. Purchasing will enter receipts bi-weekly into EFS and invoice in Perceptive Content to reconcile issued payments.
  5. Cluster’s voucher specialist will add a new voucher and select “Copy From PO Receipt”. Search for PO then select all lines and copy. Complete voucher entry and save.

Update a Study/Program within the Portal:

A revised PPDC form is required if changes are needed to an existing study/program or if  additional prepaid debit cards are needed for an existing study/program. Enter only the information on the form that is changing for the study/program.

  • Enter a PO Change Order and attach revised PPDC Form. Departments do not need to attach this form if the only PO changes include the chart string or PO dollar amount.

    Complete the PPDC Form with applicable changes.

    1. Study or Program Name: This is mandatory. Please enter this information so the changes are made to the correct study/program.
    2. Estimated Number of Cards: This must be completed if you are requesting additional cards for the study/program.
    3. For the rest of the form, only enter information that needs to be changed.
    4. Revising system access to the study/program

Entering information will result in additional individuals receiving access. If users need to be removed from the portal please submit the Revise PPDC Portal Access form and email to

Monitoring Card Inventory:

  • Cards are distributed to study coordinators on a per study/program basis. Study coordinators may request the estimated number of cards needed (Purchasing recommends requesting inventory for 3 months). Additional cards may be requested when needed.
  • Cards may not be shared between studies/programs and must be kept in a secure place. However, a participant may be paid for more than one study/program on the same card.  Purchasing Services may request to verify a department's card inventory at any time.
  • Once a study/program has been completed, any remaining inventory must be returned to Purchasing Services.

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