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Hospitality and Special Expenses FAQ

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Will the University reimburse expenses for........?

  1. Reception for conference room dedication?

    Yes, if:

    • On U property, staff residence or off-campus facility on contract list. Refreshments or meals provided by on site facility or moderately priced caterer. Entertainment limited to intra-U resources.
    • $ per individual is reasonable.
  2. Dedicate a day of library fines to charity?


  3. Park free for food donation?


  4. Contributions by Private Practice groups?


  5. What type of employee recognition programs are permitted at the University?

    The University sponsors a number of formal recognition programs for University employees. Examples include the President's Award for Outstanding Service and the Civil Service Staff Award.

    In addition, the University encourages colleges and departments to recognize their employees for contributions to the University in a less formal manner. University Employee Recognition Awards provides a summary of awards and recognition activities that could be implemented by a college or department to recognize the workforce for a job well done. Employee recognition is core to employee satisfaction, retention, and ultimately customer satisfaction with the University.

    Federal tax law stipulates that the value of certain prizes and awards made to an employee are generally included in an employee's gross income. However, the law provides certain exceptions to this general rule. The recognition activities described in University Employee Recognition Awards are organized into two categories, nontaxable and taxable, based upon the law and regulations.

    Departments offering taxable awards will assume responsibility for ensuring accurate income tax reporting to their employees and will assume the risk of fines and penalties for any failure to report taxable income.

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