Requesting Disbursements from the Foundations

Foundations and the University have a fiduciary responsibility to safeguard the gifts they receive and ensure the gifts are used for the purpose intended by the donor. Gifts are deposited into an account at the foundation for purposes specified by the donor.

The Foundations expend their funds through accounts in the University’s Enterprise Financial System (EFS). However, payments for the following may be paid directly from foundation accounts:

  • specific authorized expenses
  • other authorized University related projects

The Foundations will summarize these direct expenditures in an annual report to the University.

Request for Disbursements

To request a disbursement from U of M Foundation for deposit into an Enterprise Financial System (EFS) account:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “click to Login to DMS” button.
  3. Then select EFS invoicing in the documents for instructions

To request funds from the U of M Foundation for deposit into an Enterprise Financial System (EFS) account, an EFS invoice/bill must be submitted to the Foundation. Detailed instructions can be found in the training document “EFS Invoicing” located in the Donor Management System (DMS) found at If the requester is not an approved user of DMS, contact Gracie Davenport at 612-624-3333 for instructions.

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