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Planning and Charging of the Enterprise Assessment


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Planning for Enterprise System Assessment

The annual assessment rate and assessment methodology is reviewed annually by University Budget and Finance. The expected rate and the process by which the charges are assessed are outlined in the Annual Budget Instructions.

Departments should estimate the amount of the following fiscal year's Enterprise Assessment charges for their chartstrings during the budget process and budget the amount in each of their applicable fund-deptID-programs at that time. If new programs are established and budgeted mid-year, the 820200 account code budget line should be budgeted, using a budget journal entry, if an enterprise assessment is expected in the program.

Charging of the Enterprise System Assessment

The assessment is charged to individual fund-deptID-programs through the general ledger cost allocation process. This monthly process applies a set percentage set at 1.75% effective FY14, against certain salary expenditures in specific funds and creates an accounting transaction that is posted to the actuals general ledger.

  • Assessment is based on actual salary expenditures in the following funds, with a few individual fund-deptID-program exceptions:
    • State Appropriations and Tuition - fund 1000
    • Auxiliary Services - fund 1100
    • Other Unrestricted Funds - funds 1020, 1023, 1024, 1025, 1026, 1028
    • Restricted State Specials - funds 1801-1807
    • Non-sponsored Other Restricted - Private Practice - fund 1030

[Note: Federal stimulus funds 1613 and 1614 are excluded from the assessment]

  • The assessment is charged at a fund-deptID-program level via a Journal Entry.
  • The account code used for the assessment charge is 820201 - Enterprise Assessment
  • The account code used for collection of the charges is 820477 - Univ Assessment Contra-Expense.
  • Assessment occurs near the end of an accounting period based on actual salary expenses for that period. Both debits and credits to salary account codes are included in the assessment calculation.

    Salary account codes (actuals) used in the calculation are reflected in table below:

Final Bud Only Acct Final Budget Only Account Description Actuals Account Actuals Account Description
700100 Salaries-Faculty-Fin Bdg Only 700101 Salaries-Faculty Regular
700102 Salaries-Faculty Adjunct/Clin
700103 Salaries-Faculty Contract
700104 Salaries-Fac Temp/UMD-NonReg
700105 Salaries-Faculty Visiting
700120 Salaries-Faculty Fed Ben-FinBdg 700121 Salaries-Faculty Fed Benefits
700200 Salaries-P&A/Police-FinBdgOnly 700201 Salaries-Academic Professional
700202 Salaries-Academic Administrative
700203 Salaries-Police
700210 Salaries-Post Doc-FinBdg 700211 Salaries-Post Doc
700220 Salaries-P&A Fed Ben-FinBdg 700221 Salaries-P&A Prof Fed Benefits
700222 Salaries-P&A Admin Fed Benefits
700310 Salaries-Grad Asst/9535-FinBdg 700311 Salaries-Grad Asst/9535
700320 Salaries-Resident/Fell-FinBdg 700321 Salaries-Residents/Fellows
700400 Salaries-UG/Pro-in-Trng-FinBdg 700401 Salaries-Professional in Trng
700402 Salaries-Undergraduate Student
700500 Salaries-Civil Service-Fin Bdg 700501 Salaries - Civil Service
700510 Salaries-Labor Represent-FinBd 700511 Salaries-AFSCME
700512 Salaries-Teamsters
700520 Salaries-Trades-Fin Bdg Only 700521 Salaries-Trades
700530 Salaries-Temp/Casual-FinBdg 700531 Salaries-Temp/Casual

Note: The following salary accounts are not included:

  • Workstudy: 700351, 700451, 700452, 700551, 700552
  • 27th Pay Date Accrual: 700801