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Using Paper and Online Forms to Conduct Student Ratings


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Each instructional unit must develop its own practices for ensuring that the completed forms are delivered promptly and without changes to the appropriate data-processing office and are handled appropriately as private data under Minnesota law. Each course may administer SRTs online or on paper, but not both, as designated by the unit. (Exceptions may be requested, e.g., for disability accommodation.)

Student Data Privacy

  1. Instructors may not be present when the evaluations are handed out, completed, and collected.
  2. Instructors may only see the completed forms after the instructor's grades have been turned in.
  3. Instructors may not offer individual student incentives for SRT completion as this will identify which students completed the SRT. Incentives not tied to individual students are permitted, e.g., a reward for every student (or everyone present on a given day) if response rates meet a threshold specified by the instructor.

In-class Administration of the SRT Survey

  1. SRTs should be administered during a regular class period during the data collection window, which ends on the last scheduled class day before final exams.
  2. The instructor or another individual within the unit may give instructions about providing ratings.
  3. The instructor may give instructions about the SRT, but the evaluations will be completed without the instructor being present, although another faculty member or a staff member may be present to supervise the process.
    • Paper administration: A student may be asked to hand out and collect the forms. The forms are distributed to the students. Forms are collected before the instructor returns to the room. Once collected, evaluations will be put in a sealed envelope or box. The sealed envelope or box is delivered promptly to the department SRT contact or the Office of Measurement Services.
    • Online administration: The instructor should display or post the URL, or direct students to the Canvas site where the link will be available.

Online SRT Administration, Not During Class

  1. Instructors should encourage students to complete online evaluation forms.

Instructors may check response rates in the online SRT system.