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Peer Review of Teaching: Best Practices

Appendix to Policy

Units are encouraged to review the following materials when conducting a peer review.

  • a cumulative listing of courses taught by the instructor
  • the syllabus for each course
  • the course objectives and expected learner
  • examples of exams, assignments and handouts prepared by the instructor
  • newly developed courses or innovative instructional materials, authorship of texts or laboratory manuals, or publications on discipline-specific teaching techniques
  • student performance on certification exams (if appropriate to the discipline)
  • a listing of undergraduate and graduate students undertaking independent study under the supervision of the instructor
  • a survey of the extent of mentoring and participation in other activities related to instruction
  • direct assessment of an instructor's classroom performance
  • dissertations and theses supervised by the instructor
  • teaching awards received by the instructor
  • other activities that pertain to the teaching mission of the unit (e.g. participation in teaching-related committee work or curriculum development, publication of textbooks or study guides, participation in educational development programs, conferences, and workshops, etc.)
  • the instructor's articulation of the instructor's teaching philosophy, and accomplishments

Additional information and guidelines about the peer review of teaching process is available at the Academic Affairs and Provost Office website.

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