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Mandatory Attendance Administrative Withdrawal for Twin Cities


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

Reason for Procedure

Students are required to attend the first class session in order to receive important information about the course from the instructor. If a student wishes to remain in a course from which the student has been absent the first day without prior approval, the student must contact the instructor as soon as possible. An instructor has the right to deny access to the course based on enrollment capacities.

Students are responsible for officially canceling their enrollment in any course in which they have enrolled and subsequently been denied enrollment. If any such student does not officially cancel enrollment from the course, the instructor may request that the student be disenrolled.


Step 1: Instructor attempts to contact the student.

If a student does not initiate contact regarding a missed first class, the instructor should make an attempt to contact the student regarding enrollment prior to the next class session. If the student does not wish to remain enrolled in the course, they should be directed to cancel their enrollment.

Step 2: Instructor notifies their department or their collegiate student services office.

If the student is unresponsive or does not cancel their enrollment after being denied access to the course, instructors should notify their department or collegiate student services office to request that the student be disenrolled. Departments, or student services offices, are encouraged to review a student’s academic record to identify potential consequences for disenrollment.

Step 3: Notify One Stop Student Services.

The department or collegiate student services office, as appropriate, should contact One Stop Student Services to request that the student be disenrolled. They will need to provide the course number, instructor name, student name, and student ID. One Stop will then process the request to remove the student from the course.