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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

  1. What should I do if the time period for entering a grade has passed and I have not yet received my grade?

    You should first contact your instructor to determine if there are any extenuating circumstances that have resulted in a delayed grade. If the situation is not resolved, you may subsequently contact the Chair of the Department.

  2. How are grades from multiple University of Minnesota campuses considered when calculating the overall grade point average?

    A student's grade point average is calculated with all of the student's University of Minnesota coursework. Therefore, if a student has coursework at more than one campus of the University (e.g. Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Twin Cities, Rochester), all grades from coursework at all campuses are included in calculating the grade point average.

  3. What is the impact of having multiple Ws on a transcript?

    Although Ws carry no GPA points and generally do not negatively impact a student’s academic future, displaying a pattern of withdrawing from classes, especially for undergraduate students, may be concerning to graduate or professional schools. Withdrawals may impact timely progress to degree, or Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid.

  4. When may an instructor assign an I to a student? The instructor has discretion to assign an I, but only if the following conditions are met:

    The student was on track to receive a passing grade until extraordinary circumstances prevented it, and

    • A substantial portion of the coursework has already been completed.
    • A grade of F or N must be awarded if an Incomplete is not warranted and that is the grade earned in the course.
  5. When is a “substantial portion” of coursework completed for purposes of assigning an Incomplete?

    A substantial portion of the coursework is intended to mean that, at a minimum, more than half the coursework has been completed. For example, an incomplete may be appropriate if the student has a single paper or exam remaining to complete.Typically students are more likely to successfully finish the coursework if they have less than 25% remaining.

  6. Can an instructor assign all students in a group the same grade?

    Yes. If the stated goals of the assignment are mainly focused on the ability to successfully work and learn as a group to complete the assignment, then instructors may assign the same grade to all members of the group. Instructors should make clear in the syllabus or assignment how student assessments will be done.

  7. Can an instructor assign students in a group different grades?

    Yes. If the states goals of the assignment are mainly focused on each student’s own internalization of new knowledge, then instructors may assign a grade that accurately reflects the degree to which each student has met the stated goals of the assignment. Instructors should make clear in the syllabus or assignment how student assessments will be done.

  8. Can a student be retroactively added to the Dean’s list?

    Students may be retroactively added to the Dean’s list under the following circumstances:

    • there was an administrative error in calculating their eligibility.
    • they receive a grade for an incomplete grade that then makes them eligible.
    • they receive a grade change that then makes them eligible.

    Under no circumstances will students be retroactively added to the Dean’s list as a result of repeating a course in an future term and having the grade from the first course bracketed (bracketing excludes the course from the term and cumulative GPA).

  9. Can a student retroactively withdraw after the semester has concluded?

    Yes, when extenuating circumstances are present, students may petition to their college for a retroactive withdrawal. Such petitions may be considered whether or not the student completed the final exam(s). For both full and partial retroactive term drops, documentation is needed of significant extenuating circumstances. For partial term drops, additional compelling reasons are needed to support dropping only part but not all of the courses in the term.

  10. I've enrolled in a course before but I didn't receive a grade, does this count as an attempt for repeating the course as an undergraduate?

    If you received an A-F grade, an S or N, or a V as an auditor, the course counts and you can only repeat it once. If you withdraw and receive a W, it does not count as an attempt. You may take the course and then repeat it if necessary. Note: On the Morris campus, students who receive a grade of S or C or higher may repeat a course only if space permits.