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Application of Graduate Credits to Degree Requirements FAQ

  1. Can graduate credits taken toward the completion of a first professional degree (J.D., M.D., Pharm.D, D.V.M., D.D.S., or L.L.M.) count toward a University graduate program credit requirement?

    If the graduate credits are taken after the award of a baccalaureate degree, those credits may count toward the credit requirement of a University graduate program. The number of graduate credits accepted for transfer is determined by the graduate program to which the student is transferring.

  2. I took a mixed undergraduate-graduate course at the graduate level. Can I count it towards my graduate degree?

    A course taken for graduate credit that was not completed as part of an undergraduate degree can be applied to your graduate degree at the University if your program accepts it for inclusion on your degree plan. It is your responsibility to provide documentation to your program certifying that the course was at the graduate level and that you took it after receiving your undergraduate degree.

  3. I completed my master's degree at the University of Minnesota some years ago. I am currently pursuing a second University master's degree in a related area. How many credits from my first University master's degree may I apply toward my current master's degree?

    Students who completed one master's degree at the University of Minnesota and subsequently return to seek a second master's degree from the University may apply ("double count") up to 8 course credits from their first master’s degree to a subsequent master's degree, subject to approval by the second University graduate program. Thesis credits may not be applied from a completed University master's degree to another University master's degree.

  4. I am currently pursuing two University master’s degrees. How many credits taken to fulfill requirements for one master's degree may I apply ("double count") toward my other master's degree?

    Students who are pursuing two University master’s degrees simultaneously may apply ("double count") up to 8 course credits toward fulfillment of the requirements for both degrees, subject to approval by both graduate programs. Students are strongly advised to consult early with both programs about the credits they may offer in common between two master's degrees. If the two programs are joint or dual degree programs approved as such by the Board of Regents, the number of course credits students may apply to both degrees may be higher.

  5. I completed 12 graduate course credits at another university as a non-degree seeking student. I also completed 12 graduate course credits at the University of Minnesota as a non-admitted student before I decided to pursue a master's degree here. May I use all 24 graduate course credits toward my University of Minnesota master's degree?

    No. University of Minnesota master’s or doctoral students may apply at most 12 graduate course credits taken as a non-admitted or non-degree seeking student, whether taken here or elsewhere, to meet the requirements for a University graduate degree.

  6. I am using a course to fulfill my graduate program (major field) requirements that I would also like to use to satisfy the requirements of my minor field. Can I do this?

    No. A course can only be used to fulfill the major field requirements or those of the minor for the same degree; it cannot be used for both.

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