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Academic Restoration Process


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Please use the contact section in the governing policy.

  1. Student contacts a college with interest in returning to complete a U of M degree.
  2. Student completes Return to the U/readmission form.
  3. College identifies the student as a potential candidate for Academic Restoration. This means the student may meet the following criteria:
    1. be eligible for readmission to their intended college,
    2. have not taken University of Minnesota classes for a minimum of 5 years,
    3. intend to complete an undergraduate degree,
    4. lack a viable path to complete a U of M degree without Academic Restoration.
  4. Request submitted for review of eligibility:
    1. UMTC: College emails [email protected]
    2. UMD: College emails [email protected]
    3. UMR: College emails UMR Registrar at [email protected]
    4. UMM: College emails [email protected]
    5. UMC: College emails UMC Registrar at [email protected]
  5. Request includes:
    1. Student name, ID, email address.
    2. Student’s stated goals for returning (degree, major).
  6. Representatives from OUE, OTR, and OSF/One Stop/OFAS meet to review the student record and advise the college. The focus of this initial review will be:
    1. Does the student meet Academic Restoration eligibility criteria?
    2. Does the student need to repeat courses for the intended degree program?
    3. Review potential obstacles for student (e.g. financial).
    4. Connect with system campus colleagues during this step to ensure system-wide consistency.
  7. A systemwide review is initiated by contacting the U of M Deputy Registrar.
    1. Update tracking spreadsheet with the decision.
  8. Decision communicated to the college and student.
  9. Student submits agreement, understanding of Academic Restoration criteria: 12 credits, 2.5 GPA.
  10. The college works with the student to plan for the 12 credits to be completed prior to the application of Academic Restoration.
    1. The student is also expected to meet with a One Stop financial aid counselor prior to enrolling.
    2. Develop a “Candidate for Academic Restoration” tag in APLUS to be added to the student record as they begin registering for the 12 credits. 
      1. In parallel with adding an advising note document the Academic Restoration expectations communicated to the student.
  11. Upon the completion of 12 credits the student submits a Google form which is routed through their college, to OUE, and ends with OTR.
    1. Advisor removes APLUS tag: “Candidate for Academic Restoration”
  12. OTR updates the student record.